Weekly photo challenge: From above

Hi everyone,

I was this afternoon looking from above the 6th floor on top of the Centre Pompidou ( Museum of modern art) in Paris’ Les Halles quarter. This attracted my eye:


A multicolored group relaxing beneath this fading sidewalk painting of a woman.

Oui; art is in the streets…



21 thoughts on “Weekly photo challenge: From above

    1. Hi Annie,
      Thank you my dear. I had the rooftops of Paris and other things and this is what really “stole the show” for me.
      It is always a pleasure, dear lady . You take care .xox

    1. Hi Bij,
      What a big coincidence, n’est-ce pas? We were on the same wavelenght. 🙂 The Centre is a place for you to discover online & in books if you like modern & abstract art. I am grateful to have saw some art forms below and created my own artform from it. Cheers!

    1. Hi NiinaMaria,
      My sincere Thanks :).
      I am happy that you enjoyed this photo. Did you know that by commenting, you also are automatically entered for a DRAWING to be held on 18 AUGUST?! Yes!
      Read my post to learn more and Good luck!

      P.S. This goes for ANYONE reading who comments on this blog up to 18 August. Come on and try it! Three French gift bags( assorted goodies bought from our trips in three French regions) are up for grabs. For real !!

  1. “A multicolored group relaxing beneath this fading sidewalk painting of a woman.”

    LOVE IT, Barb!!! Fantabulous capture! I can so see this shot on the front cover of a travel magazine!

    Well done, my friend. WELL done!

    X to you and D!

    1. Hey there Ronnie,
      Thank you, my friend. It was an overcast day to start so the city panorama is wabout average but… there was human panorama!! I guess that we were that at the right time; the whole cluster broke up aftr awhile.

      So it is not only street art it is an ephemeral art as well.

      Big hugs to ya, sweetie and see you tomorrow for your post.

    1. Hi cuz Peg!!
      Oh I am tickled to have you here 🙂
      Thank you so much and bless you. I try my best each time. I sometimes get inspired. I was lucky yesterday.
      I love you tons. Thanks for stopping by, dear.
      One last tiny detail, by commenting you are entered for a drawing to be held on 18 August. French gift goodies looking for new homes!!
      Good luck to ya, sweetie :).
      Be well and be happy. xox

    1. Hi Zhu,
      Thank you so much. I have the photographer’s love of high places to look down on people and places.
      All the themes are interesting but this one challenged me to find high points… that’s why this post was later than usual!!
      Bises 🙂

  2. WOW.
    That….is an amazing photo with those coloured dots of people and the painted woman. Zackly how long did you have to wait for people to get off of her? LOL Seriously–you’da missed that had you not been six floors up. SIX floors…yikes–musta made for a fantastic view, period. But catching this–extremely awesome!

    1. Hi,
      Welcome to my blog, Mithriluna!
      My sincere Thanks to you. I loved what I saw from way above.
      Thank you for commenting also. You are now entered in a drawing that will be held next August.
      Good luck!

  3. Definitely in the right place at the right time. Last night we watched Liam Neeson’s movie Taken and just loved that feeling of being in Paris, even if only visually.

    1. Hi Rowena,
      Thank you so much :).
      You and your hubby should come back to Paris one day. You would be very happy… and like a fish in water with the food! Ciao 🙂

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