See you soon

Tomorrow, D & I are off for two days in Bourges.  I previously posted about this trip here. We will check back here this weekend (we are back Saturday afternoon) to check in and say Hi.

During this interval, I have placed two links for your Photography fun ( on the top right hand sidebar labeled ” A new photo post each Friday”)

This week’s link is with the Hubbell telescope ( and it’s many gorgeous photos of the universe. I know “diddly” about Astronomy but find so much beauty in the sky.

I have placed the next link early with some Photography composition tips  at: ( and beautiful examples to learn from). Because I am going through my challenges with technique. I have not yet pushed myself further in composition. So far, I tend to go by “feeling”, by checking different angles and of course, by always taking my time.

Have a great week and I am hoping to see you in the coming days around some new France photos!

Enjoy your days and be well.


7 thoughts on “See you soon

  1. Have a WONDERFUL time on your trip, Barb!

    And take LOTS of photo, so we can see what YOU saw. So looking forward to it!

    Enjoyed both the links you shared on your sidebar. WOW…the photos of the Universe were AMAZING!

    I too tend to take photographs by ‘feeling.’ In fact, I take all my photos by intuition and learning through trial and error.

    Have a safe trip, my friend. See ya when you get back 🙂

    X to you and D!

  2. Hahaha….there’s ‘technique’ to composing a photo?! Point and shoot, dearheart, point and shoot. 😉 Yesterday I DID try the ‘take one and be done’ technique. I chased some clouds on the backroad–they were way cool, lit up by the sun. One shot, move on……another shot…move on.
    Uh huh. The camera is still in the car. LOL I’m afraid to look at the end results cuz they were so pretty…..I KNOW I didn’t capture their brilliance. I don’t even wanna look! (doubtful I coulda captured it with a bazillion shots…LOL…they WERE amazing!)

    Oh, but I’ll have a look at Hubble shots ANY day of the week. I’m a frequent flyer of the NASA website that has photos from Hubble. He-who-owns-a-telescope and me-who-lays-on-the-patio-swing (awaiting the meteor showers) loves to look at things up there! I don’t know squat about any of it–but I do love to look UP! Another venue to remind me of my smallness and my connectedness, I’d guess.
    You two have a joy-filled time of it!! I’ll be looking forward to the grand tour once you’re back.
    SAFE journey, ma’am. And you and D have a grand time of it!

    1. Hi Mel,
      I think that everyone has their own little ways of doing things. I guess that somewhere along the line a few years back, I decided that I was not satisfied about something in my Photography. That’s just me and my evolution with my photos.
      Here’s hoping that the links were fun for you.
      Cheers!! xo

  3. Hi everyone,
    Thank you for your kind comments, Ron,Zhu,Mel,Mitzie & Sarteneda. Very much appreciated. I got to read them at the hotel by borrowing D’s smart phone :).
    Thank you for taking the time to comment.

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