We are back

Hi guys,

It’s nice to be back. Thank you for coming!!

We thought that Bourges was charming. In 2 short days, we got in a lot of walking and thought that coming back in the future for the nature was such a great idea ( you will learn more of that “nature” in the next days).

This is just a preview… I will be loading these progressively.


Detail on mural painting. Isn’t this awesome?!!


Empty café. There were very few clients outside because of the “off and on showers” during our entire stay.

Yellow beauties along the water in the marshland area.


More half-timbered houses of incredible beauty.

It is Sunday and I will just continue relaxing before I have to back into my Monday.

I share the mood of this duck that we met in the marshlands:


I hope that you enjoyed these first photos. See you very soon for more.

11 thoughts on “We are back

  1. Welcome back, Barb! 🙂

    Oh WOW….what a great sneak peek at what’s yet to come! Awesome photos! Yes, the detail on the mural is amazing – it almost looks ALIVE!

    And I love, love, love, the photo of the empty cafe’ and the whole look to the surrounding area – the old buildings and the cobblestone street!

    What a precious photo of the duck!

    Hope you’re enjoying your Sunday. It’s Memorial Day weekend here, so I’m headed outside soon to enjoy the quiet city and beautiful weather.

    Looking forward to more photos of your trip!

    X to you and D!

    1. Hey there Ronnie,
      We are on practically at the same time! Hoping that all is well for you.
      Memorial day weekend. Awhh; I think of quite a few people when I think of military, starting with Dad & Grandpa. Bless them all.

      This is an INCREDIBLE place. An further out of Paris than Rouen ( two hours) but just as intersting. You woudn’t believe how sad those empty cafe’s chairs & tables look in May. There would normally be lots of people outside in May. But, our weather is whaco this year! Downtown Bourges is classy looking but rustic with the half-timbered homes.
      The duck was so funny. (S)he was just a few steps from the footpath and just kept on nodding off, then opening it’s eye, then closing it again.

      Good for you; enjoy a quiter Philly while the peeps head to the shore or the countryside.


  2. WOW….I love the iris shot….and the cafe shot….and the sleeping duckie! Makes me wanna get in the car and GO this morning–might…it’s such a dreary day after 4″ of rain. Yes, FOUR. Incredibly soggy around these parts. Flooding is just gonna happen. *sigh* Silly weather. But ya know, make the most of whatcha got! Seems you did likewise with the teaser shots you showed here.
    Sometimes gray skies are the best skies you’re gonna get–that’d be the whole weekend and into Tuesday for us, apparently.
    Wonderful half timber houses….Oh the history!! Wow.

  3. Hi Mel,
    I am so glad you enjoyed.
    I had a feeling that the ducky would please you. Wait until you see more history…
    Just saying “quack quack” for now…

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