Stepping back in time

D & I took advantage of a museum “freebie” ( several museums in Bourges are free to visit!) to keep busy during a downpour. The museum of the Berry region( the real name of the region where Bourges is located in) has many interesting exhibits. But this one took my breath away.

Walk in the room and it is filled with ancient gravestones(and some columns and mosaics) all around the floor and even the walls of the whole room. These are all ancient and original gravestones, found in Bourges or in the larger region.



D remarked that this one reminded him of Buddah.


A sarcophagus or stone coffin. You can see the sides better by clicking on the images:






Unlike the other exhibits( I will show you a few memorable exhibits later), I truly felt an energy here. Surely, the spirit of those who were represented. It was a peaceful and welcoming energy.

See you tomorrow for more posts 🙂


5 thoughts on “Stepping back in time

  1. Hey Barb!

    Well, as you already know, I have such an attraction to graveyards and gravestones, so I TOTALLY enjoyed this photo series!

    “D remarked that this one reminded him of Buddah.”

    He’s right, it sure does look like Buddah!

    The sacrcophage is absolutely amazing. The drawings on the top and sides reminds me almost of something Egyptian.

    “I truly felt an energy here. Surely, the spirit of those who were represented. It was a peaceful and welcoming energy.”

    Yes, I’m sure you could. In fact, just looking at these photos I could also feel an energy within them!

    I remember the first time I walked through the Roman exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum Of Art in NYC, and felt such a strong energy. Almost like a pastlife experience.

    Thanks so much for sharing, Barb. Truly enjoyed!

    Looking forward to more photos!

    Have a wonderful week, my friend!

    X to you and D!

    1. Hi Ronnie,
      You are so welcome for the share. Geez; it’s awfully quiet on this post.
      I had a bit of a “blooper” with my word “sarcophage”. That’s French! The English word, ladies and gents is…
      sarcophagus. Ta dah!!
      I was blown away by these headstones and yes, I felt the peace and the strong energy here. It was not at all like the objects. Oh my goodness; you went to a Roman exposition at the museum in NYC. So, you know what I mean… Strong vibes, indeed!

      Thank you, dear and have a great day xox

  2. Wow. Ohmy…When you wrote about entering to discover the filled room, my breath caught. There’s a sadness..that the stone is parted from the one honoured, though maybe not…maybe a bit of their presence remains? Dunno…but as one who’s curious, I have wandered amongst stones weathered by time, wondering about the circumstances, the lives, the people they touched. These stones are amazing…and I’m left again to wonder.
    What an amazing discovery…

    1. Hi Mel,
      When I entered, I just stopped in my tracks looking at all these ancient headstones. Trully awesome and like I said to Ronnie, I had strong feelings in there. I too wonder about who these peeps were. Who were the Father and child? Did they die together? Was the person in the last photo a child? Etc etc. Totaly, the best experience of the museum.

      Thank you for stopping by and have a great day. xo

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