A meeting between the centuries

Contrasts between a 19th or 20th century art deco style awning and an ancient half timbered house.



3 thoughts on “A meeting between the centuries

  1. Love the contrast of architectures, Barb!

    That’s one of the things which is so stunning about the architecture in Philly – the past mixed with the present!


    1. Hi Ronnie,
      My sincere Thanks, dear.
      We were going downtown and we arrived at an angle where these two buildings just seemed to “meet”.
      An “aha” moment…
      Thank you for stopping by, my friend.

  2. You look for and find the most creative things.
    We’re not quite as ‘old’ as you are–but that blend of architecture is always fun. I tend to ignore the more modern…and fight to keep it outta the photo. Maybe I ought not to! Oh, but I adore those half timbre houses. They’re amazing.

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