Back to the mural painting

This is the entire mural painting that I presented here. I love it!! It is completely deceiving and well done.

Scroll down please, for two more posts and enjoy your day.



5 thoughts on “Back to the mural painting

  1. WOW how absolutely wonderful , beautiful and very clever .. a true work of ART!!!

    I am busy catching up with things since our return from Monaco ,, I will still be doing posts next year at this rate LOL lOL

    Take care and a bientot hugs Anne xox

    1. Hi Anne,
      I agree; this is art! It was located on a major street when you walk into the downtown of Bourges. I would think that hundreds of tourists photograph it as they walk uptown.

      Good luck for your catch up with your posting and everyday life. Even if you only had an hour’s time difference, it is like you were somewhere far away. Totally transported elsewhere.

      Hugs to you & happy weekend xox

    1. Hey there Ronnie,
      I am happy to share. I am glad that you enjoyed.
      It does look like 3D!! Having visted Philly and it’s murals, we love to discover beautiful murals wherever we may be.

      Hugs to ya xo

  2. Whoa… cool is that!
    I’ve not been to the other posts, so this is my first glance and I seriously can’t tell what’s what! Is it real, or is it painted on. Kinda like those pillars at the Royal Naval Academy that LOOK like they’re carved and they’re painted–which is just phenomenal. (yeah, he’s been showing off places he’s been…LOL) This….is very cool! And I’da had to go pet the puppy. LOL

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