Glances at the cathedral

A few moments with Saint Etienne cathedral:



Saint Etienne is a world heritage site.






5 thoughts on “Glances at the cathedral

    1. Hi Mitizie,
      It’s nice to see you!
      It is an awesome cathedral. The stained glass in there are awesome. One could photograph the stained glass on and on there…
      Thanks for stopping by!

  1. Beeeeeeautiful images, Barb!

    I especially love the second one down and the way you captured the light!


    There is something so touchingly spiritual about that photo.

    Well done, my friend!


    1. Hi Ronnie,
      Thank you, my dear. I do my best when I am in cathedrals because they are tricky subjects. Lighting traps galore!! I just have to take my time.
      The sign next to the chapel where these huge statues were said that these were family members who donated to the church.
      Did you see the details? The clothing, for example. Cool…

  2. Wow……
    I love abbey’s, cathedrals and churches. There’s something that draws me to them and hangs with me for days afterwards. It’s a warm, peaceful, completeness, yaknow? That first photo was enough to make me pause and stare–and the statues with the details and lighting……ohmygosh…. I’da been hard pressed to move on to the next adventure. With or without camera, I’da wanted to just SIT a spell and let it fill me up.
    Amazing photos…makes me wanna go to the monastery close to here and just BE. *sigh*
    Look at those windows and all the details in the arches!!! 🙂

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