Here are more goodies…



There are goodies on the inside of the pretty bag for some lucky readers (prizes for the drawing), and the goodies on the outside for us.

The bottled goodies are unfortunately too heavy to send. They are made by a 100-year-old company in Bourges who makes syrups.  We brought one bottle of drinking syrup to make cool drinks.
Mojito mint, please!

On the website of the manufacturer, there are over 100 syrups available. Some of the syrups are unusual; Bubble gum, Cotton candy, Crème brulée or Rose!

We bought two culinary syrups that are respectively:

Carrot, pink grapefruit and ginger syrup ( for cooking for example with fish, oven baked chicken or tossed salads).
Cherry, Balsamic and spices( pepper & cinnamon). This one is for meats, veggies and some more exotic uses (tortillas or tapas).

If you are coming to France, bringing back a bottle or two of your favorites is a must.

If you have not yet commented on this blog and want a chance to win some French surprises from our travels, comment on any post up to 17 August. The drawing takes place 18 August.  Click on the prize drawing post to learn more. Good luck!

We have a day trip in June with one last set of surprises from this new third destination.

See you this weekend for more of Bourges!  🙂

10 thoughts on “Here are more goodies…

    1. Hi Bijoux,
      A gentle correction- PAMPLEMOUSSE ROSE = Pink Grapefruit. Then PINEAPPLE= ANANAS;
      OK; I guess we emptied the fruit bowl. 🙂

  1. “Mojito mint, please!”

    I agree, Barb! That would definitely be MY choice as well!

    Happy Thursday, my friend!

    X to you and D!

    1. Bonjour Anne,
      OK; we will make that two more Mojotos. I am sure that you immortalised your Mojito in Nice!
      Have a brilliant weekend as well. xox

  2. Je mangeais beaucoup de salade quand je travaillais dans un bureau et j’adorais les bonne vinaigrette. It makes all the difference!

    1. Salut Zhu,
      D and I are not Vegans but we LOVE salad. I make simple vinaigrettes. But, the oils can really change the taste. I always have olive oil in the kitchen, like regular sunflower oil and others like nut flavored oil( excellent with chicory).

  3. Alright….I’m the midwest gal who has NO clue what you do with this stuff. I’d ask he-who-knows-this-stuff, but he’d laugh at me. LOL I think syrup, I think stuff you slip in coffee, over shaved ice or in a mixed alcoholic drink. I don’t think meat–and I certainly don’t think salad. LOL That’s what they make ranch dressing for.
    Yes, I lack creativity when it comes to food…LOL….obviously! 😉
    Oh, but I love the bag with the cute little moon on it!

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