A matter of perspective

We are in front of what is called “la grange aux dîmes”/ or literally the “Tithing barn”. This building was built in the Thirteenth century, people would come to pay their taxes owed ( included in nature, such as with bushels of wheat or wine) to the church. Yes, the taxman cometh…

These are just 3 views at/ around the building, located just across the cathedral:








8 thoughts on “A matter of perspective

  1. They had their own building…… Yes, I know they look like steps–but it looks like a cattle shoot (where you load up the critters). I wonder if, once upon a time, that’s what it was.
    Lovely carvings. I don’t know of one taxman who’d dare over here. LOL Better that they should! 😉

    1. Hi Mel,
      Yes, the was a special building for collecting all those darn taxes on the population. Though, I am not sure how they went about it…
      Maybe they did it by pushing the bales of wheat,cereals and barrels of wine down your cattle shoot! It would work!!
      I loved the staue also, so precious tucked away in a secret corner. Almost going unoticed on street level( except for my x-ray eyes!).
      Superman, watch out!

      Take care xox

  2. “Yes, the taxman cometh…”

    HA! How funny, Barb!

    Lovely shots! I especially love the second one looking over the wall at the Blessed Mother Statue. Just gorgeous!

    *two very enthusiastic thumbs up*


    1. Hi again Ronnie,

      Oh yes, the population back then didn’t escape taxes. They have to give a certain percentage to the church, like a percentage of crops.
      I have fun with the angles. The Blessed Mother staue was “hidden” behind the wall of the Tithing barn, but I could preceive it as I passed on the opposite street. A lovely find, indeed.

      Take care and thank you for your kind words. xox

  3. Hi Bij,
    I am sure that somewhere, there are some types of registers with these juicy details.
    Now just hoping that we can read them! I can read old handwriting in registers that was awful and others that were so beautiful. Once, it was all in Latin, too!
    Have a nice day :).

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