Happily lost in the marshlands

Les Marais/marshlands are one of the best hidden secrets of Bourges. Tucked away minutes from the town’s city is a 135 hectar nature zone. The rivers Voiselle et Yèvre cut through parcels of land where owners jealously tuck away plots of gardens and private lands. Some areas are accessible on foot; others are only accessible via boats (there are tours once a day in boats for visitors during tourist season).

These lands used to be used as market gardens but have since many years been plots for family gardens. The tradition of family gardens continues to this day. We talked to a two retirees on the way out; one showing us the “trap” inside a fence for potential thieves( see below), another one telling us about the “saison pourrie”/rotten season we have been having this Spring and talking to us about gardening.

I had a field day using some black and white editing( including selective color and boost).




You can see the cathedral’s belfry from here…



Boosting the reds and Mother nature’s green…




It must be “Bebert’s” garden (nickname for Robert  or Albert).

DSC_0931 (2)


The forbidden flower.



This is a homemade trap ( nails on a wooden plank)

Have a great day and see you soon.


8 thoughts on “Happily lost in the marshlands

  1. ….wow…. Don’t make me pick!
    What a creative collection. And the move from black and white to vivid colour is just….fun for the eye.
    Oh, what a lovely bit to walk and train the lens on. Bebert Is one lucky fella to have all THAT surrounding him!
    (I have a few of those homemade traps in the garage!) 😉

    1. Hi Mel,
      Oh no; I won’t impose on you to pick. I love BOTH color & b&w and could play with both here!! Hehe!! 🙂
      We not only went on a long walk, we took the Nikon out for a walk and for practice. Oh yes, Bebert is one lucky dude.

      OK; France does have the monopoly on homemade booby traps!!


  2. Barb, the color combination of the black and white mixed with color is just too COOL!

    *two thumbs up*

    Love them all, but I think my fave is the Bebert sign. Love that small bit of color within the black and white surrounding!

    GREAT photos, Barb!


  3. Hi Ronnie,
    Merci beaucoup, dear friend.
    I would love to do more selctive coloring with a more advanced photo editing. I love the possibilites.
    I am so glad that you enjoyed. Be well

  4. Hello Barbara, now that certainly is a “hidden” secret more of the the “secret” gardens .. I love all your photos , well captured but there is an intriguing one,, black and white at the top and colour at the bottom ,, well done missus ,, however did you do that?? xoxo

  5. Bonjour Anne,
    The tourist office of Bourges talks about the marshlands but, you must be motivated to leave the comfort of “city center”. Well worth it!
    The photos with black & white with color can be done on any photo editing program. Sometimes called “partial b&w or selective coloring”. I switched the photo to b&w then highlighted the colorful part;
    Many Thanks and see you soon xox.

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