The cat is très chic



This post is about an error. But, an error that ended up making an interesting photo.

Here comes a cat in a street in Bourges…

I had little time to take it and ended up overexposing it. I had a setting that I must have forgotten to change (we had left the often obscure zone of the Marais and were back into full sunlight).
I could see on the screen that the photo was very white. No time to do another; the cat ran away. End of photo shoot…

At home, I changed it to black and white and edited the exposition. The intense black and white and the shadows are so cool. Sorry little cat, about your second eye. It was in the shadows. My photo makes you look like you just had one eye.

Sometimes an error can be transformed into a totally different photo. It is nice to have a second chance!!



8 thoughts on “The cat is très chic

  1. Poor kitty lost his eye. :-/

    The shadow is amazing. And how fun to take something that would have been deleted and turn it into a keeper.
    See! This is exactly WHY I save the bazillion photos! ‘SOME’day I’m gonna play around with the imperfect ones? LOLOL Yeahyeahyeah…..more likely not….

    1. Hi Mel,
      I felt the same; blame it on the light.
      I usually go through my archives weeks or months LATER. I look through them, decide which stay and which bloopers stay on because they have POTENTIAL… Like the kitty.
      Good luck if you have huge archives!

  2. “Sometimes an error can be transformed into a totally different photo. It is nice to have a second chance!!”

    Awesome! Awesome! AWESOME! shot, Barb!!!!

    The shadows are BEYOND cool!

    What I especially love about the way edited this photo is that it looks like an old photo (almost vintage, from another time period).

    Isn’t it something about a error can turn into a masterpiece?

    WELL done, my friend!

    X to you and D!

    1. Hi Ronnie,
      I am happy that you enjoyed. It was a happy mistake. We learn from mistakes and sometimes, create new works.
      That is really huge to call it a masterpiece. I will call it “fortuitous art”.
      Hugs back to Philly X

    1. Bonjour Sartenada,
      Merci! N’ayez pas peur de faire des erreurs- nous faisons quelquefois des miracles!
      ( Don’t be afraid to make errors; sometimes, we obtain miracles like this.)

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