Museum finds

I don’t know if you could say “the good old days” here. But, you can certainly have a tiny feeling for some of the different lifestyles through these objects.

We are once again in the Musée du Berry in Bourges/ Museum of the Berry region. This museum features a variety of objects from Bourges and it’s region from different eras. In the first post I did at this museum, I talked about the fabulous gravestones from the antique era. That post is here.

We also looked at various objects that talk to us about their past. What is your pleasure???

Want to change your look ?


Regional clothing styles for the Berry region (the name of the greater region’s name).

How about this shoe style, girls? 15th century, please. A 15th century wedgie!!



These are more traditional wooden clogs on the shoemaker’s bench. Men and women wore these.

Arts and crafts anyone???

A traditional spinning wheel for making thread from fibers ( flax or wool, for example)



Hungry?? Giving a new meaning to the expression “sweating over a hot stove”


Finally, showing you your way home with a lantern.



10 thoughts on “Museum finds

    1. That is one “wild and crazy shoe”. 🙂 You are right; I managed to create a somewhat spooky scene with suspended clothes in lieu of mannequins…
      Don’t be caught in the dark in that museum.

  1. Ohhhhh………cool stuff!! The shoe is surreal. I can’t imagine walking in that. LOL But I love that first photo and the last with the lanterns. But I’m a sucker for lanterns cuz they’re just too cool. Lovely black and whites, btw. You and the mister wander in places I’d wander with he-who-is-old. *snickering* I meant he-who-does-old-things.
    Oh, wait…that sounds really wrong. LOLOL
    *waving at D* I think another adventure is required! River, maybe….with little boats!!!! 🙂

    1. Hi Mel,

      It is reall really HARD to choose items to photograph in a museum because of their number.
      Some are too tiny, some are just “repeats” ( so many clay pots, for example).
      But the shoe was crying out ” TAKE ME! TAKE ME!”.
      B&w was totally cool with these old items. Do a museum when you will be able to with “He-who-loves-thou-and loves-to see-old objects.
      Yes! Yes! Another adventure… We are working at it ;).
      xox D waves back at ya, too 🙂

  2. Wow…such really COOL captures, Barb! And that you shot them in black and white adds such a wonderful “past time” feel.

    For some reason, the clothing in the first shot reminds me of Quaker attire.

    And those shoes! How faaaaaaaabulous are they? And it’s funny because the wedge/platform shoe is very popular right now once again. Clothing style seems to recycle, doesn’t it?

    Awesome museum tour, my friend! Enjoyed!

    X to you and D!

    1. Hi Ronnie,
      Many Thanks. It was SO fun going through here! Just admiring, “window shopping” so to speak, of what would catch my attention.
      You have a point; that does remind me too of the Quakers. The sobriety of the costumes is also very Quaker. No colors…
      Here you had a shoe of a 15TH century fashionista. That is so funny to think that this was high fashion then, it came back for us!

      I am tickled that you enjoyed this. Be well and see you soon!!

    1. Hi Rowena,
      I do too! I am FASCINATED by lifestyles of the past. This is pretty much the items of the “little people”, which makes it all dearer to my heart.
      Just the everyday stuff of everyday people. 🙂

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