Two in one- Photo link + an upcoming excursion

Happy Friday & weekend  to you,  friends!

In case you may be new on this blog, every Friday, I post an informative or fun photo post on the top right hand sidebar (under  “A new Photo post every Friday”. So, come and check it out every Friday!!

I have for this week, a new post on  ”  Improve your Photography in 5 simple ways “.  A short but sweet inventory of  some  significant topics to consider. For your reading enjoyment, if you choose:

Photography is like any subject under the sun, we can get really complex and techy(well, some people do) or we can try to simplify and (if possible) do it practically. I like the last option if I can do it!

I can’t stress enough Number 3- Using and re-using different viewpoints!! What looks ** blah** from my height( small than the 6 tall foot post author, mind you) can be INCREDIBLE if I kneel down, tip my head back or find an interesting angle (walk,walk and walk again to find it). Mad Photographers, we are! 🙂

Now, what’s with this excursion???”

Next week, my dear heart and I will be off for a day to discover a new place that is just under a half hour’s trip from Paris. We are  happy at the idea of discovering something new for us. I won’t say the destination this time; you will just have to see where we end up next week.

See you very soon for my post offering for the WP Weekly Photo Challenge. I really encourage you to go and click on the links there to see some highly creative Photography.

Happy weekend and Cheers to all!!

10 thoughts on “Two in one- Photo link + an upcoming excursion

  1. Ah HA! See, I knew D had it in him! Get in the car and GO! LOL Now if I can just convince he-who-thinks-a-wander-with-the-crutch-queen thinks it’s a ‘bit much’…. :-/

    I’ll visit links and have a look see this weekend. Odds are *I* won’t be drug off for an adventure. Oh, but there’s always the threat “fine, I’ll go by MYSELF”. LOL That’ll get his attention! 😉
    Ohhhhh….another adventure!
    The two of you need to do a whole lotta those. It’s just great FUN! Besides, I like the photos. *laughing* THERE’S a surprise!

    1. Hi Mel,
      (Insert here sound effect with soap opera organ music________ Ah-Ha! We are not driving. The suburban train plops us in the village and we can either take a walk to get there or a shuttle bus…
      Intriguing, hih; secret excussion 🙂
      You will know soon.

      This is not an order, of course… Hoping that your better half will drive you this summer within a half hour or hour of their house and let her visit something EASY… A garden with a lot of benches, a friendly art gallery, an antique shop, whatever,wherever.
      You are itching for action and new faces.
      I can understand.
      Hang in there- your time will come, too.

    1. Hi Cocomino,
      I like the challenges too! I met you through this challenge and so many other interesting and creative people.
      Long live the WordPress Photo challenge! 🙂

  2. “Photography is like any subject under the sun, we can get really complex and techy(well, some people do) or we can try to simplify and (if possible) do it practically. I like the last option if I can do it!”

    I agree with you, Barb. Simplify and practically is what I prefer. Also, I discover so much about photograph by just doing it and learning.

    I will definitely check out the link you shared this weekend, when I have a bit more time to really examine it.

    And I can’t wait to read and SEE all about your upcoming excursion!

    Have a lovely weekend, my friend!

    X to you and D!

    1. Hi Ronnie,
      I try to keep a simple view on photo articles for this feature. Because, we are all learning!! I make mistakes; I admit it. I think we have to do an awful lot of hands on, get a feeling for the basics and never never stop asking questions.
      Enjoy the link! Oh yes; our day out is next week! Yay!!
      Be well and see you next time xox

  3. Hi Barbara ,, I totally agree with us being “Mad Photographers” I remember wanting a good shot and was practically lying on the ground below the arches ,, I think it was Arc de Triomphe ha ha ,, and now you are off again 🙂 half and hour from Paris ,, mmmm I wonder where that is , I will just have to be patient. 🙂 xox Happy weekend xox see you soon ,, cannot wait.

    1. Hi Anne,
      OMG… It takes one to know one!!! I believe you almost completely lying down to shoot the Arc. That’s the way to do it! Straight ahead and horizontal all the time can be… predictable.
      Yes; “encore une fois”. We proabably will just stay close to the region in July & Aug; too many people in the trains in high season!
      Oh come on; next week we are going so you will know sooner than you realize.
      Take care xox

    1. Hi Anne,
      I am happy that you enjoyed. Yes, getting down to ground level has it’s advantages ( a better pic) and it’s draw backs ( getting back up!)
      Take care and see you soon.

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