Our day trip is postponed

Hi friends,

Just a quick note to let you all know that tomorrow’s day trip will be postponed until a further date.

We have a problem with our kitchen sink( because of a mixer tap that is no longer functioning) . That will make a different travel plan and go to a large hardware store . It is better that we deal with this quickly so, our planned day trip is now out.

D & I thank you for your understanding. D said that we will go in July… To visit a certain beautiful château just outside of Paris. At least the time that we take care of our “mini château ” first 🙂

Do stay tuned  for my upcoming entry in the WP weekly photo challenge (if I can break myself away from plumbing, that is…)

Happy weekend to all and see you soon.

Barb & Didier


8 thoughts on “Our day trip is postponed

  1. Hey there Barb!

    Sorry to hear about the problem with your kitchen sink, but you’re right, it’s better you’re taking care of this now.

    And in the bigger scheme of things, I bet this delay all works out for the best.

    Looking forward to your trip next month and all the faaaabulous photos you will be sharing.

    Have a super weekend!

    X to you and Didier!

    1. Hi Ronnie,
      How are ya, hon? Yes, these last minute changes can be hard. We were ready to go… But, this is what the Universe is dropping in our lap. I think too, that we have to tend to this now… We will have our chance in July.
      Of course, you and all the friends who come will come aong for a virtual ride in a few weeks time.
      See you on your blog.

  2. Oh pfffffffftttttt. Silly plumbing!
    Ah well–there’s probably something more funner to see and capture for that time in the near future. AND you’ll have a working sink. 🙂 Don’tcha love when things just ‘happen’? I always wanna see what’s on the other side of it–the Big Guy usually has something awesomer than I had planned to begin with.
    Oh, but I don’t LIKE plumbing ‘stuff’….last time a little drip meant taking out a whole wall to get to it. BUT!! I got a new paintjob in the laundry room! LOLOL

    1. Hey there Mel,
      Yup, silly plumbing… throwing a monkey wrench in the waterworks just the evening before a day out. But, that’s life!! Like you so beautifully said:
      “I always wanna see what’s on the other side of it–the Big Guy usually has something awesomer than I had planned to begin with.” I think so, too. 🙂 The Universe sayeth.
      Talk about a way to get your laundry room re-painted; the hidden drip from behind the wall.
      Happy weekend, hon xox

    1. Hi Anne,
      Yes, a problem springs up and make you postpone what you wanted to do. That’s life… We just have to “roll with the punches” with
      what the Universe sends. July will be here in it’s time.
      Enjoy your day xox

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