A photographer’s view of Soweto

Happy Friday, friends!

The eyes of the world are turned toward South Africa and it’s vigil around Nelson Mandela . I never touch politics on this space of artistic freedom but, I have of course been very moved by the news.

In the spirit of this great man and his homeland, my photo Friday photo post offering is a fabulous photo gallery of images taken in Soweto. These photographers are by  Per-Anders Pettersson:


Because photography and art have no borders.

This is a candid and lively explosion of life! Life in all it’s expressions of work and play, joy and grief… Just like in any country in the world.  Open your eyes but also your minds to these photographs.

You can do just the presentation page or click on ” slide show’ on the top right-hand sidebar to see over 200.  Mr Pettersson has also many other photos on his website. Take a browse!

Thumbs up and up again.

Thank you for your vision, Mr. Pettersson.

Happy weekend and see you soon for  the weekly photo challenge!


8 thoughts on “A photographer’s view of Soweto

    1. Bonjour Anne,
      How are you? I just adored this work when I came upon it this week.
      This man is really talented and I was happy to let you all enjoy this.
      Happy weekend and yes, I’ll be really seeing you very soon.

      Take care xo

    1. Hi Cocomino,
      I would LOVE to have a first trip to Africa, esp South Africa or Morrocco!
      Maybe one day… So many countries, so little time! 🙂

  1. Ohhhhhh…..pretties!! I took a quick peek–and I’ll be back for more cuz WOW!! In the meantime, I wanna let you know I tried taking portrait setting photos–I wasn’t so keen on what that did for the colour, but it was interesting how it softened up the whole shot. I might even have to try it again! Sometimes I think the details are exaggerated with how crisp they look. But that might just be my self criticizing eye. LOL Happy weekend to you and the Mister! I think a picnic in your newly claimed back yard is in order! 😉
    Oh!! *laughing* I think we oughta do the same! 🙂

    1. Hi Mel,
      How are ya? Do yourself a favor and take a peek. I love this photographer’s work.
      Oh my goodness; you did portraits!! That is wonderful. You will progress by doing and re-doing. I STILL have to do portraits! I am especially attracted to natural outside portraits, but… I have to learn to work with natural lighting.time :)All in due time.
      Happy weekend to you and your better half and yes, a little picnic never hurts anyone ;).

  2. Barb, I clicked over on the link you shared and browsed through the first couple pages of photographs. WOW! Truly beautiful! And what impressed me the most was the color and JOY the photos contained! Later on this weekend I will go back and view more of the photos.

    *thumbs up and up again*

    Yes, indeed!

    Thanks so much for sharing my friend! Have a super-duper weekend!

    X to you and D!

  3. Hey there Ronnie,
    How are ya doing? Isn’t this link so cool? I just LOVE it!! A real treat and an education in itself. I was discussing with D the fact that the photographer uses color(instead of b&w). Reminding us that Soweto is a lively and colorful place, full of life. And color gives energy!

    Happy weekend to you too. Make it a great one and see ya Monday.

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