Weekly photo challenge: Companionable

This week’s theme is to share the significant beings or even objects who we share our lives with.

Of course, my first thoughts do not go far from home.

First, my love and companion of many years D. Then, a cat that is (curiously enough) not our’s but belonging to a neighbor. This second  companion chose us and periodically visits us in the garden or sits on the window sill peering in. Talk about love :).

I must have had only a few seconds to photograph this pair of companions… The cat was starting to wiggle and D is having fun with him.


You can other companions of all types by going to the wp post page and clicking on the link:


In the 6 months of my participation in this photo challenge, I have seen so many fantastic blogs. There are tons of creativity, friendliness and inspiration to be found on WP. Keep it up, friends!!

Happy weekend to all. Enjoy!!

21 thoughts on “Weekly photo challenge: Companionable

    1. H Bijoux,
      I don’t remember at all but, it probably was a bird because we have several tree in the yard.
      Yes, he has quite a look on his face 🙂

  1. Ohhhh…what a keeper of a photo! LOL I adore that it’s black and white and I love that happy feel! How is it that cats pick people?! Gotta tell ya, I’m notsofond of cats and it seems they know it and see it as a challenge. Darn things. LOL I’ll have to create some time to go hopping to see the other shares–it’s always fun when a group of folks gather with a common theme–the more the merrier! 🙂

    1. Hi Mel,
      Thank you,my dear. It was very fun! I have to post edit to get photos in b&w. Some cameras give you the option to shoot right off in b&w. I can’t.

      Yes, cats have their own mysteries and when adopts you, you may want to meet him/her at least halfway. They will teach you some but not all of the little secrets. I did not start out as a cat lover and at this point it my life, that has changed.
      Do have fun and look at other people’s shares. I LOVE WPC!

      Happy weekend x

  2. *smiling*

    Oh Barb, can I just tell you how much I LOVE this photo? It’s FAB-U-LOUS!!!!

    And it’s so great to see D in your photo.


    Hi D!!!!!!!

    The kitty looks part Siamese. It’s beautiful!

    Thanks for sharing, my friend. Enjoyed it!

    X to you, D, and the kitty!

    1. Hi Ronnie,
      Thank you hon xo. You have been next to the big guy and can recognize him. I read you your comment and he salutes you warmly back!!
      This little cat was one that you already saw on one of your photo shares about animals (last year?). I think so too that kitty has Siamese blood. Such a sweet & beautiful animal.

      Thanks for coming by and happy weekend xox

  3. Hello Barbara , such a fabulous photo ,, yes you have to be quick when trying to photograph animals 🙂 How wonderful that “your friend” comes to see you , they don’t go to just anyone 🙂 Thank you for sharing this wonderful photo of D and Friend ♥ xox

    1. Hi Anne,
      Hello you future world traveler 🙂 Many sincere Thanks to you, hon. OMG; I did my settings “in extremis”, pointed in lightning speed and voilà. The kitty was set free of course. (S)he comes and goes and enjoys a mini reunion each time! No one can program an animal, much so a feline.
      You are very welcome for the share. Take care and see you very soon for real.

  4. I agree that it’s so much fun to visit other blogs and see all the amazing pictures. I haven’t been doing the photo challenge long, but I really enjoy it as I enjoyed your photo. I want to figure out how to do B&W, too, as it’s striking for many shots.


    1. Hi there,
      Happy Sunday.
      I have to agree how much fun it is to go visiting different blogs. Before WPC, I had not done visiting new blogs since a long time. This opened the window to new people, ideas and creativity.
      Thank you so much. I am happy that you enjoyed. I have no photo secrets; I post-edit( any good photo editing program either for free or a bought software) and switch to b&w. My older camera does not do photos in b&w. I can only say good on b&w in portraits… It adds interest to faces and concentrates on the subjects. Black & white is wonderful for portraits!
      See you soon!

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