Full speed ahead towards the prize drawing!


Sails of the Star of India (Maritime museum of San Diego). November 2011.

This will be my last post about the prize drawing. One final reminder for anyone who doesn’t know about the contest.

Read the link below how you might win a French prize packet ! For real; all you need to do is comment.
The link about the prize drawing:


Drawing date: 18 August, 2013

We are currently at 28 participants( I do keep track regularly). Don’t be shy;  comment on any post until 17 August and join us on  board!

A very happy day to all.


9 thoughts on “Full speed ahead towards the prize drawing!

  1. Wow–like a pretty drawing with pencil. Not sure why it appears that way to me, but it is pretty as a picture. And it’s so fun being in the 28! What a cool thing to do.

    1. Hi Mel!
      Yes, this is HDR( high dynamic range) calling again! Since I did the yellow train photo, I have been doing HDR.
      Obsessional? Perhaps… 🙂
      Yay 28!!! Rah- rah for 29! Rah and rah! for Big 3-0.
      You are in the fun, lady :).

  2. Hi Cocomino,
    I agree; very cool! I did not have time to visit the museum so I took photos passing by.
    You can indeed visit it if you travel to San Diego. Just a fact about San Diego’s sister (twin) city. It is named- Yokohama! 🙂

      1. Hi Cocomo,
        I was there in Yokohama when I was a child. I remember a few détails including going to the bathouse for the “ofuro”(excuse my spelling, please). With pleasure to return there one day in my travels :).

  3. Barb…I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that photo!!!!

    OMG…how COOL!!!!!!!! And as Mel shared, it almost looks like a drawing with colored pencils. Don’t you love the effects of HDR?

    Well done!

    Have a SUPER Wednesday, my friend!


  4. Hey there Ronnie,
    My very sincere Thanks, Buddy. Near Paris we had that was as lackluster and sad as a day in November. So, I didn’t fight it; I did some intense housework and on the side, I played with photo editing..
    I must be on a HDR kick! I have been trying different photos in HDR. Sometimes, I do not like an image in HDR. Other times, I get excited! 🙂
    I hope that the weather is nicer in Philly.

    Be well and see you soon, dude! xox

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