Happy 4th of July!

Wishing everyone back in the US and also to US expats around the world a happy and blessed Independence day!!

My offering to celebrate my nation’s birthday is this boat (that I saw last summer at the Arsenal marina in central Paris).
I had stumbled upon a boat with American origins & docked in the middle of Paris.

It was from Morro Bay, CA near San Francisco. I am not  San Francisco born but I am California born.

The boat was far from home, like myself. That could be my boat!



My patriotism  floats proudly and quietly  in another sea.


10 thoughts on “Happy 4th of July!

  1. HAPPY 4th of July, Barb!

    Thinking of you here in the States!

    (((((( You ))))))

    What awesome photos! Love the color effect on the second one!


    1. Hi Ronnie,
      Happy 4th of July too ya, babe! xoxo
      Wishing you a calm day and an equally calm evening. That’s perhaps one of those potentially crazy evenings to stay in & peer down on the street at the peeps.

      Thlinking of ya in Philly :)..

  2. Happy 4th to you! I’m doing a low-key celebration with turkey burgers and potato chips, but to tell the truth, I am looking forward much more to your Fête Nationale on the 14th to get into the groove for our upcoming road trip to Provence. Let’s see….brie, baguette, a nice Salad Niçoise….oh yes, and rosé!

    1. Hey there, Rowena,
      Happy 4th of July, wahine! That sounds nice for an nformal 4th dinner.
      I have a harder time getting in the spirit for Batille day… It is first & formost the military parade but also scores of dances in most towns.

      But of course, Yay; for the trip tp Provence soon! Let the road trip à la Française begin!

  3. Belated Independence Day greetings! What a lovely capture–and I bet that one was easy to spy with the flag flying!
    And we had a great parade, a fun time of it afterwards and NO fireworks (they’re this evening…I’ll pout about that and still go!). Today–cleanup! LOL

  4. Hey Mel,
    Think you dear! I am sure that it was a grand celebration.
    Better late fireworks that none at all. 🙂 Hoping that you enjoyed it all.

  5. How wonderful! I was born in California…. San Diego to be exact. Navy family… so here I am, far from my birth place in Virginia and North Carolina. All this water around me and not a single boat. 🙂

  6. Hi Katherine,
    Welcome! We have two facts in common… San Diego born and from Navy families. Wow; you are far away also. Virginia makes me think of NORFOLK, where my Grandad was once based.
    No boats? Same here…the boats in Paris marinas are just about the closest ones to me.

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