Bastille Day weekend


Sunday is Bastille day, France’s national Holiday. It is called “la fête nationale” in French. There is traditionally a military parade in Paris, and a multitude of dances and fireworks displays all through the country.

For the occasion, I am putting out the “bleu blanc rouge ” or blue white and red (that’s how the French say it ).

This photo was taken from the roof top of the Centre Pompidou this year. It has of course, the bleu,blanc et rouge flag and some very cool geometric forms

Have a great weekend wherever you are on this beautiful earth!


10 thoughts on “Bastille Day weekend


    Sounds like our 4th of July holiday!

    AWESOME shot! Love the geometric forms and how you caught the reflection of the sky on the glass roof!

    Have a beautiful weekend!

    X to you and D!

    1. Hey there Ronnie,
      Thank you! We will be quietly at home tomorrow. Yes; similar to the 4th except no flag waving or flying here. Patriotism is much more discrete in France than in the USA…
      A modest Thank you for your kind words. I was looking down from the roof top and these “elements” looked good together.
      Click! I love the clouds on the glass roof relection. All I used for this shot was a little bit of “boost” and voila…

      Happy weekend, sweetie§ xox

  2. We are looking forward to tomorrow and will be making Breton galettes with chevre and a little salad, and having cidre to go with it. So anxious to be in France already!

    1. Howzit Rowena,

      It sounds like a yummy meal for the 14th at your table. I LOVE chèvre. (My note: Goat’s cheese.I always said to D that if we lived in the Touraine of his maternal ancestors, I would quickly become a regular of the chèvre producers!
      If I don’t see you online, a safe & happy trip to Provence, avec les chiens, bien sûr :).

  3. Wow–what a fun capture with the lines and colours and dashes of people here and there.
    And a happy Bastille Day to you and yours!
    As you know, we’re anything BUT discrete with the 4th–made me smile to know you do the red, white, and blue in a different order–or maybe that’s US that does it in a different order. For sure ours showed up wayyyyyyyy after yours.
    Here’s hoping you and D have an amazing, relaxing time of it….with no plumbing issues. 😉
    Maybe a picnic! Or a wander about at a little market….(now I wanna wander in a little market…LOL)
    Happy Holiday Weekend to youse guys!

    1. Hey there Mel,
      Thank you! It was fun photography everything from this angle.Making a composition like this with shapes and lines.
      It was a calm and very warm Bastille day. A Holiday on a Sunday dosen’t feel like one because a lot of stores are closed anyway (except those of first necessity or in tourist quarters).
      I have no idea of the age of the French flag but… the French revolution having begun in 1789, I would think that the French flag as we know it would date from the years following. So, the US flag may just be a wee bit older than it’s French counterpart :).

      Take care.

    1. Hi Mitzie,
      Thank you! I love when a scene “pops” out to me(though it doesn’t happen every time). Yes, the geometrics were really cool up there!
      Have a good time in Vegas and you try and stay cool :).

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