Weekly photo challenge: The Golden hour


The golden hour refers to your first and last hours of sunlight in a day. When colors can the most beautiful. These moments are a photographer’s delight!

This photo was taken from my yard. It is simplicity; textures of the clouds in a gentle light and my neighbor’s big tree that is watching the clouds pass.

Breathe in, breathe out and relax…

Have a peaceful summer day.


14 thoughts on “Weekly photo challenge: The Golden hour

  1. Hi Barb! I’ve been busy the last couple of weeks refurbishing my own site, but now I’ve finally got time to catch up on all my favorite blogs:)
    Looking forward to read through what you’ve been up to recently:)

    1. Hey there Mitzie,

      I did notice the address change and I am sure that there will be some pleasant surprises. Every now & then, it is necessary to clean house or expand. I surely will too.
      Come in anytime and say “Howdy” when you like.

  2. Yup….breathing in, breathing out…loving the golden momnets for all they’re worth. With or without the camera, they are my favorite moments as I shrink to ‘right size’. Lovely bit of the sky at a glorious moment. Ahhhh….just peaceful!!

    1. Hi Mel,
      Thank you, my dear. I amglad that you enjoyed.
      I think that the golden moments are also metaphor for what brings light and happiness.in life.
      Enjoy X

  3. the golden hours are *thee* best times to photograph, the light is soooo beautiful and golden. 😉 i will photograph whenever, but there’s nothing like those times of day. i sit and stare at the beauty of the light whatever it’s reflected on becomes beautiful.

    1. .Hi Valerie,
      These are truly the best times. I find that I haven’t done enought of these golden hours but, it is never too late to change!
      I love réfections and also shadows during the golden hour.

    1. Hi Sartenada,
      Thank you very much :).
      I didn’t have the deep shades here but gentle shades and textures.

      Happy weekend and thank you for coming!

  4. Hi Mitzie,
    I am sure that the light is very nice over there. Each country is different. Hawaii has some marvellous sunsets/sunrise but we did not get very Lucky last June. Next time!

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