Weekly photo challenge: Fresh

Many of us in the Northern hemisphere are searching for anything fresh… France is not excluded; it was in the 84° F range today and very humid.

I would like to be right now in that sea spray and water coming off from the Waikiki beach seawall, in Honolulu, Hawaii, USA.


This was our June 2012 trip .to see my family
When you stroll along Waikiki beach, you arrive to one part of the beach where the waves arrive like mad, colliding against the cement retaining wall.

I loved the power of the waves. It was a natural cooling system, distributing  freshness and some excitement each time the waves pounded . I could really use some of that right now!

It is even the heat that is making D & I stay close to home base. A planned trip to a château is still in the works. We don’t feel comfortable traveling. We will have our chance later, I am sure… No use getting hot under the collar about it!

Happy weekend to all! 🙂


25 thoughts on “Weekly photo challenge: Fresh

    1. Hi Bijoux,
      You would have loved this right now. We too are in the same type of temps. Doing our best daily. Have a good weekend, my friend.

  1. Holy cow–that a refreshing shot. I went down to 84 F just looking at it! (we’ve been at 105 with the heat index…..ughhh) I can’t say I blame you for the ‘delay delay delay’. Notsomuch an enjoyable adventure if it’s about sweating and dealing in high levels of heat. Leastwise it’s not for he-who-doesn’t-do-heat-well. And I haffta join in with the dumb brace on my leg–ohmygosh that sucker’s HOT. (let’s not compare it to a cast and get me going…) We’re settling for the ‘in and out’ deal right now. He’s IN and I’m OUT. LOL Works!
    You two stay cool. At least we have air conditioning to duck into when it spikes up into the hundred degree mark, yes?

  2. Hey there Mel,
    Thank you for your good wishes. I won’t be able to awft over cool greetings from here!!
    My goodness; we are chugging liquids left & right, eating anything fresh( salads are the top choice- YAY!) and just getting by.

    I can sympathize with your hubby; I don’t like extreme humidity either. Missing tradewinds that I had in Hawaii on days like these but, that’s how it is.
    Be well and take care of each other. And ditch that brace for good long soaks for your
    leg with some sea salt. I don’t have a brace but that is how I revigorate my poor feet after a long hot day.

    Be well!

    1. Hi Valerie,
      That makes for two… plus a whole army of blog readers!!
      That fresh would hit the spot 🙂

      P.S. Your comment also ( like “More than a cat’s”) gets you into August’s prize drawing. More cool!!

  3. Hi hunny , I wish I was there too ,, 🙂 A beach , what is a beach lol , not see the beach since 2011 in Italy .. living next to the beach , and a great beach would be just fab . imagine waking up to that every day Awesome .. xooxo

    The temps here are high too ,, sometimes a little too hot, but getting used to it day by day ,, 🙂

    1. Hey there Anne,
      It was wonderful chatting tonight. Yes, we are both getting blasted with the heat pretty badly. But, life goes on. We do for the best.

      I have not been on the beach since Hawaii and that was extra special; it doesn’t come every year. Yes, tourists pay to have their hotel right on the beach and that is what they get. Imagine, the Pacific ocean for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

      It is summer and the storms will find us here in Europe.
      In the meanwhile, stay cool and have a great week.

      1. Hi hunny yes it was wonderful to chat 🙂 I would pay to have a beach like that too, Try and keep cool and calm this week , more hot weather to come ,but also storms I believe. xoxo

        btw No we did not go inside the Palace , to be honest , we had little time, and Linda and I were happy with exploring the little lanes 🙂

      2. Bonjour Anne,
        Iam at my little PC oasis for a bit. Fan on the right of me, glass of (now gone) ice water to the left of me.
        You would enjoy this beach 11 or 12 hours away (depending on season) from Paris. The water is wonderful!

        OK; the Palace of Monoco did not have ladies Anne & Linda in its hallowed halls; next time. I like little Streets too. Charming and intriguing places.


  4. *clapping*

    Faaaaaaabulous shot, Barb!!!!

    Wow! Love how you BRILLIANTLY captured the crash of the wave against the seawall. And do you know what’s funny? I can actually HEAR the sound of the water, just from looking at this photo!

    Yes, it’s ungodly hot and humid here as well. However, this week we’re getting a break (hopefully), when the temps go down into the mid-80’s instead of the high-90’s. We had one day that was 100!

    Oh, I can’t wait for fall already!

    Have a super cool week, my friend!

    ((((((( You )))))))

    X to you and D!

    1. Hey there Ronnie,

      I am happy to see you. Thank you, my dear. I am loving that crash and splash!! I had a precious little time for quiet exploration ( I have a beachcomer) So, as I said to Mitzie in response to her comment, I used APERTURE PRIORITY and the Nikon did the speed. I went much quicker like this and I even got a few beach shots that were kind of tricky ( surfers).
      Oh my goodness; it feels like we are in an oven! Today is supposed to be the hottest day in July.
      You won’t be finding me out and about. Nah!!!

      Take care and stay cool. At least you are on vacation and can relax at home.

      Hugs xoxox

    1. Hi Mitzie,
      Thank you, my dear.
      On that trip, I could BARELY keep up with D. I told him “take it easy!” So, I kept the camera on Aperture priority( you will find it on most cameras; a big A). You choose the aperture( f stop) and the camera chooses the speed.

      So, the camera did half the work 😉


      1. Thanks a lot! I’m sure it will be of great use to me, when I go to LA in August:) I’ve heard they got some big waves to capture over there:)

      2. You just set your aperture (take in LESS light in August in LA… f 8 or more) Check your light meter; he will tell you if you have to close more).
        Wow; LA in August. Cool!

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