Sunny & fresh

My comments that I exchanged with Mitzie this morning got me started…

She wrote the word “surfer” and that wanted me to experience some of the freshness of these water games once again.  Once in my archives, I wanted a new twist … I used photo editing and even some captioning to change three of my old shots.

I only have one repeat in these; the third one who is my favorite  surfer photo model :).

Enjoy the freshness.

Click on photos for a closer look.




Photo editing has been keeping me busy this month!

It started editing family photos using black and white and colorized b&w.  I have been having fun creating and sharing photos with my family. The captions add a lot of life to humor to family photos!!

I have yet to try Photoshop. I am with Picasa at this time. When I reach a point where I want more, then I will move on.

The link to download Picasa by Google

Enjoy your week and stay cool!!


14 thoughts on “Sunny & fresh

    1. Hi Bijoux,
      Thank you. I am at a standstill for other edits (these three were quick) due to the heat. It is fun and you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to do it. Once downloaded, put photos in and try out the features. Fun!!

  1. Wow–that middle one is just awesome with its dramatic colours in the black and white. The others make me smile and dream of cooler, wetter moments. LOL What fun–and what a beautiful ocean.

    1. Hi Mel,
      Thank you my dear. HDR adds magic to some photos. Yes, the water and gentle people are dream inducing. One day, you and your sis will frolic again along the golden shores of the Pacific. Believe xox

  2. Barb, I LOVE what you did with these photos!!! I love them all, but that second one is soooooooooooooo cool-looking!

    And thanks for leaving the link to Picasa because I had no idea you could download it!?! I will have to try that this week!

    Have SUPER SURFER week, my friend!

    X to you and D!

    1. Hey there Ronnie,
      Thank you, man!! I had fun with these this morning (before the heat came back). I agree that the second one came out pretty cool :).

      Heck, that stand looks so cool I would rent from this stand… except that I can’t surf zilch. That will teach me for being too studious back then!!

      Thanks for your visit and I hope to be reading you soon.

  3. It’s funny how you can chat across time zones and long distances:)
    I love your pictures and I am pleased to know that it came out of our morning conversation:)

    1. Hi Mitzie,
      How are you? Yes, being several time zones away seems secondary when a good chat is on throught the internet.
      Just like telephoning or skyping :).
      Thank you for your kind words. You were my muse for this one. Lucky you, going to see surfers next month in California. I can’t miss that one!

      Take care :).

  4. i do like the 3rd photo best too. on editing: i guess i’m lazy about it, but i’ve been trying to do a little more of it, but without spending to much time in front of the computer. i probably need to be more selective in what i photograph – less volume, more quality, then i won’t feel overwhelmed.

    1. I used to avoid photo editing a lot, thinking that it all “started and ended” in the black box.
      I am glad that I started playing with the stuff; fun and more fun!!
      Through editing, I have all sorts of cases… missed shots are corrected, bland shots become happy and things happen!!

      I am glad that I could magically transport you to Waikiki beach :).

  5. That third photo is my favorite as well! You captured that surfer feeling of excitement! It’s amazing what you can do with photo editing software! We have recently begun to experiment with Photoshop Elements 11 and it is so much fun! I look forward to following your blog. -Maureen

    1. Hi Maureen,
      Welcome Maureen! Thank you for your kind words. I loved photographing surfers because of the fun and quickness. You don’t have much time for a capture so, you just go for it! Like the surfer has a wave and has to make the best to surf it, you are completely in the moment, too!

      BTW; your comment has made you eligible for our prize drawing!. See the link below to find out more:

      You are the 33rd participant- Good luck!! 🙂

    1. Hi Sartenda,
      Thank you my friend! I could take you and many others on a quick digital trip of Hawaii. Other photos of Hawaii are with the tag HAWAII.
      Enjoy the trip.

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