Weekly photo challenge: Foreshadow

What goes up, must come down!
Behold the Super shot!
(Yes, the sky was foreshadowing rain).



The height does foreshadow a rapid descent! But people pay for the sensations.

Here are people on the way down:


Taken at the 50th state fair in Hawaii, 2012.

Have a nice day!


10 thoughts on “Weekly photo challenge: Foreshadow

    1. Hi Bijoux,
      The fact that I am on the ground photographing and not “up there”, shows you that I am like you!!

      The same torture, despite another name.
      Enjoy your summer days!

  1. OMG…that photo of them on the way down is faaaaaaaaaaabulous!

    Spectacular capture, Barb!

    And there is NO WAY I could go on that ride. I’m too chicken!

    Yes, I’m FINALLY back online. They restored my connection this evening. Yipeeee!

    I just think, it only took a WEEK – HA!

    X to you and D!

    1. Hey there Ronnie,

      Thank you, sweets. Carnival photos are really fun to take :). Lots of different people and a variety of situations!
      It seems like the only daredevil here in the comments (so far) is Mel. Shoot her up there and down!! Well, once she is feeling better.

      I am so glad that you are back on internet and the phone. Lots of catching up to do :).
      See ya soon, Buddy!

  2. AWESOME photo!
    Seriously….I think I could do this one! Round and round, up and down I can do. Notsomuch the upside-down. But a straight drop…..wooohoooooo!!! Buckle me in! Look at their little faces….LOL…and look at everyone’s knees. Wheeeeeeeee!!! 🙂

    1. Hi Mel,

      Thank you, my dearie. I am not a big fan of carnival rides for myself but love observing people “up there”.
      You might want to try this at next year’s County Fair.
      I will let you take my place up there.
      Take care and have a great day.

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