Last call to enter the prize drawing

Surprise Inside

The final week before the prize drawing has arrived! Woooo!!!

For the 33 friends and readers who commented and made themselves eligible for the drawing, I tip my hat off to you. For anyone new to this blog and who his scratching his/her head (wondering what  this hoopla is about) , you can read this:

You too, kind liker, can comment on current posts until Saturday, 17 August, 2013 and you too will be in. Good luck, people!!
P.S. Leaving you all with a Friday photo post( on the sidebar) about wedding photo tips.

See you on Sunday or Monday with some new material.

Au revoir 🙂


2 thoughts on “Last call to enter the prize drawing

  1. Great article on wedding photography, Barb!

    Especially the part about shooting RAW, which is something I want to start doing when I upgrade to another camera. Val shoots a lot in RAW and it amazes me what she can do with a photograph in post editing.

    Have a super weekend, my friend!

    X to you and D!

    1. Hi Ron,
      You are very welcome. I have to remind myself to use RAW shooting and experiment. I have so much to learn and doing and trying is leading me to different paths.
      I am glad you enjoyed. See you for the new posts this week! XOX

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