Weekly photo challenge: One shot, two ways

Happy Sunday to all!

My entry to the weekly photo challenge features the entrance to a place that D & I wanted to visit since our planned trip was canned ; Voilà le château de Chantilly.

Here is a shot made in  portrait mode that flashes the golden ornaments.

DSC_0120 DSC_0121

Here is a normal scene of the entrance.

In both, I hiked up my camera to get just the gates .

Le château de Chantilly is located the North of Paris, in the neighboring region called la Picardie.

We had a long and multifaceted day. We saw beautiful pure bred horses in the Musée du Cheval ( Horse Museum), walked through two distinct museums, oohed & aahed at gorgeous art works and just soaked up the ambiance.

I will be sharing with you some of these moments this week.

Hoping to be seeing everyone soon.


14 thoughts on “Weekly photo challenge: One shot, two ways

  1. Faaaaaabulous shots, Barb!

    “oohed & aahed at gorgeous art works and just soaked up the ambiance.”

    Yes, I would have been oohing and aahing as well. What a beautiful place! So grand!

    Love the portrait mode shot!

    Happy Sunday, my friend! Great talking with you this morning. Thanks for calling!

    (((((( You )))))

    X to you and D!

  2. Hey Ronnie,
    Thank you , my friend. I am happy that I could BOTH do the weekly photo challenge AND introduce the start of the new series.
    It was a beautiful experience that I recommend to anyone visiting Paris that has a free day to get out of Paris and the usual track.

    It was my pleasure calling; Finally; phone and internet back to normal! Whee!!


    1. Hi Val,
      Wow; so this is a pleasant rerun for you! I am happy to know that you were in Paris. In 1996, we could have bumped shoulders on the Metro without knowing. 🙂

  3. Darnit. I meant to try the portrait setting this weekend with the flutterby’s! And I managed 300 photos without ever once changing the setting.
    I love the portrait one you captured.
    I don’t think two of the same shot would happen with busy flutterbys–maybe I need to try that with something that doesn’t wiggle AND try to remember to switch to portrait!!

    This was fun!

    1. Mel,
      Holy cow; 300!!
      I can think that the weather was incredibly beautiful to now change your settings a wink. We had several flavors of the day; “hike your speed high Thanx to grey skies”, “low the darn speed because no flash allowed inside” and “play with the sun afternoon”.
      Busy chica, I was…
      I hiked the Nikon up to not get flutterbys. Not that I am antisocial; I just wanted the shot pure… a challenge!!
      Yes; remember to do an occasional portrait shot; very flattering for nature scènes because you can play with perspective, lines and so on. Woo!!
      Thank you for your kind words xo.

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