The museum of the horse/ D’s picks

D & I took a combined pass that gave us visits to not only the château ( also called Musée/ Condé Museum), but also the Horse museum & the huge park. This is located in a city called Chantilly, in the Picardie region ( a half hour’s train ride from gare du Nord in Paris).

We did the first two but just partially for the Museum and no time for the park.

I am letting D open the festivities with some of his photos of the Horse museum. He did a better job on his camera in the poor inner light than I did.

The horse museum is in two parts; the grandes écuries/ great stables with real and very beautiful horses, ponies and a mule in their boxes.

These are a few highlights from the museum part, courtesy D:


Wooden horse the entrance to the museum rooms.


Museum courtyard.


Fancy cart.


Leather chaps for a cowboy!


Spurs from the US.


Algerian spurs. These super pointy ones did not reassure us.


Uniform for a rider of the equivalent of the French “pony express”.


Detail on an army of tin soldiers.


Royal horsemen and their horses.



An authentic jockey weighing station!


My personal favorite of the museum, merry-go-round horses!


Tu as fait du beau travail, D/ Great job, honey!

I have some real horses for the next time.  Have a wonderful Monday.


10 thoughts on “The museum of the horse/ D’s picks

    1. Hi,
      I am sorry I did not mention the place name. It is now in the post- Chantilly, in the Oise “département, in the Picardie region.
      I am just starting a series and since yesterday and may have forgotten to repeat the info.
      Come back this week to see a little more. Merci.

      1. Hi,
        I am glad to see you back. I forgot to mention yesterday that by commenting on my blog, you are automatically entered in my upcoming( Sunday 18 Aug)
        prize drawing. You are the 34th particant. Good luck!

  1. Ha ha ha ,, Loved the “pun” in your last comment to me “hold your horses” .. Well done 🙂 ,, Great museum ,,Great photos Didier 🙂 I really cannot remember the last time I went in a museum in Paris .. too busy gadding about the streets and lunching with my friends 🙂 , I am going to search one out for my next trip ! take care xoxo

    1. Bonjour Anne,
      Beware of Greeks French bearing gifts… I love words! Yes, it was a very interesting museum; smaller,varied and selective.
      There is SO much choice for muséums in Paris and a couple are gratuit/free!!! Oh yes; thats what visits with friends will do; talk and go out and some eating too :). Mais, c’est la vie xox

  2. WOW! The chaps and the tin toys and the final photo…..WOW…
    k…..all of them are cool and I’m gonna haffta go for another look.
    HOW awesome to sit down to be weighed in that chair. LOL I might even not mind if they did it that way. LOLOL
    Yup–gonna haffta take another look!

    Well done, sir! WELL done!

    1. Hi Mel,

      I am so glad that you enjoyed. I will pass on your kind compliments when the Mr. gets home tonight.
      Museums are fun though you have to pick & choose; too many choices sometimes!!
      The jockey scale amised me too; I can only imagine that the seat has some mechanism underneath that connects to the scale.
      Lets just say that I am of average weight but still need a crash diet to be a jockey 🙂
      So glad that you enjoyed xox

  3. WOW WEE! What a great array of photos, Barb!

    You GO, D!!!! Please tell him I said, GREAT PHOTOS!!!!

    “My personal favorite of the museum, merry-go-round horses!”

    Mine as well, Barb! Also, I love the shots of the cowboy pants and army of tin solders. Heck, I love them all!

    *two very enthusiastic thumbs up*

    Happy Monday, my friend!

    X and hugs to you and D!

    1. Hi Ronnie,
      Thank you, my friend. D was here with me and I translated your’s and everyone’s comments. He is happy!
      Variety is a word for this museum. It was not overcharged and had a great selection.

      I would love to return and look at these again. Sometimes we are attracted to different things and just
      “skim” through some exhibits.

      Thank you for stopping by and see you soon.

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