The horses of Chantilly

D and I love animals. That is why I have a tag for animals on this blog( please, go and browse the ANIMALS tag category if you are so inclined). Wherever we may travel, it is always a special treat when we can meet animals.

Chantilly would be no exception…

We entered the stables and admired the horses on display in their stalls. Most were busy tasting their morning ration. The sign said ” do not touch” which is very normal. So, we caressed the ones who looked at us with loving words, en Français, bien sûr (you speak to French horses in… French!). Yes, we are people who talk to animals.

Highlights of the stables:

D’s photos:


Your’s truly chatting with an attentive black horse.


The stable worker preparing to take the same horse out a few minutes later.


Another black horse, munching on hay.

Three photos from the equestrian review by D:




Barb’s photos:


Our “sweetheart” of the stables. We spoke to you and you hugged the bars with your nose. We shared some loving vibes with you :).



The back of the stables and the stalls without bars, reminding me of a Church.



Snack time for a welsh pony.

Barb’s photos of the equestrian review. I was more fascinated by capturing the body of the horses in motion:



6 thoughts on “The horses of Chantilly

    1. Hi Zhu,
      No, we do not have anymore pets. One day, perhaps. Time will tell… I love horses but have not had the chance to ride. It must be nice!!

  1. They’re all pretty amazing–and that you got to chat with the horses is very cool. I’da been tempted to touch. LOL I’m one of ‘those’ folks. The stalls without bars are just awesome–I did think it was a chapel with the arched curtainway–lucky horses that get to do some of the wait in there (if it’s still used). Gorgeous woods.
    Both of you snagged some awesome shots. I had to do a double take of the gal with the hat –cuz it was straight with the roofline. And I wondered how much bending of the knees happened to square THAT one off. Or….if it was just the luck of height! 😉

    Beautiful place…I could smell the hay and that always makes for a happy moment.

    1. Hey there Mel,

      I am so happy that you loved this peek. Oh yes; I believe in talking to animals; I did with the family dogs reguarlly.
      Animals keep our secrets safe.
      The stables are lovely; some with bars, some without for the smaller horses. It nearly has a sacred atmosphere.
      The show was brilliant. We creaked our necks,legs & whatever to zoom in. Those gals were very chic and knew how to ride.

      Best wishes to you, girlfriend. xo

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