Le château de Chantilly

Good morning, everyone.

These are a few outdoor views of the château.

This beautiful building grew up from a humble fortress into it’s glory era of renovation by the De Montmorency family from the 15th to 17th century. The most illustrious member of this family was Constable Anne de Montmorency, had done extensive work on the château.

D & I had already visited another of the De Montmorency châteaux, Ecouen. You can see Ecouen hereThis other  château is home to the Renaissance museum.


The château seen from the road.




Statue of Anne de Montmorency, opposite the entrance of the château.


Merci, D. I had forgotten to do a close-up.


Friday, I will show you the highlight of the château, the beautiful Musée de Condé with its gorgeous art  collection.  This will lead us up to the prize drawing on Sunday.


Be well and have a good day.


16 thoughts on “Le château de Chantilly

    1. Hi Seth,
      Merci beaucoup. You are welcome for any of these virtual trips to France. I hope that you and your better half can come back for real, one day.
      I will wish that for you both.
      Bon weekend, mon ami.
      PS. I have a little prize drawing coming up this Sunday and you are entered through your comment. Scroll down and see 9 August’s post entitled ”
      Last chance to enter prize drawing”. Bonne chance!

    1. Hi Cocomino,
      I think that the Japanese visitors LOVE culture in France. I remember that when we were at Versailles Japanese were EVERYWHERE!
      Yes, this is Worth less than an hour’s train trip from Paris.

      Have a beautiful weekend 😉

  1. Holy moly…. What a fantastic place. I adore the roof shots and I so want to have a sit on the bench and just get the ‘feel’ of the history. What a lovely set of photos.

    1. Hi Mel,
      Very sincere Thanks.
      I know that you would enjoy sitting there and admiring. We would need an outside electric cart to Wheel you around the park. There is a HUGE park that we had no time to discover.
      Happy thoughts set down to the farmlands :).

  2. Hi Barbara , You and Didier are certainly showing us beautiful areas of France and very architectural building and houses ,, it amazes me how there is a lot of “Roundness” in the buildings ,, I do love round rather than square and pointy ,, not all the time though , Thanks to you and Didier (and thank you to Didier for the close up) 🙂 take care xoxo Anne

    1. Hi Anne,
      We like to discover and this is an easy daytrip. You would enjoy this; a good day out and not far from Gare du Nord. Yes, there are many many examples of round shapes. Round is cool and gives fullness. Pointy can be interesting too, playing with angles.

      You are very welcome. Be well and take good care xox

      1. Hi Barb. I’ve escaped the Chinese heat and am now in Malaysia. About to go back to work really soon, at which point my opportunities to collect more blogging fodder will be severely diminished. Oh well. Got to get back to the real world I suppose.

      2. Hi Peene,
        It is nice to see you. Enjoy the rest of tour summer and best of luck for the job market. Yes, there is a time for everything under the sun. Have faith both for your future career and for your occasional return to travel and new experiences.
        Hoping to see you in the future.

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