Le musée de Condé (le château de Chantilly)

This is the last leg of our expedition to the Château de Chantilly and the best part of le château; le musée/museum Condé.

This museum WAS founded in 1886 when the Duc of Aumale, owner of the château donated the building to a foundation called l’Institut de France. This is a foundation that regroup five academies of arts and sciences. In the musée Condé are collections of ancient paintings, drawings, “objets d’art”, stamps and even old  photographs ( we missed that this time).

Scattered among apartments with old furniture. and artwork, there was an eyeful. It was easy to lose track of time admiring and wandering.

This is only a tiny sample:


Take a seat and admire.


I was LOVING this couple.


Bust of the founder of the art collection, the Duc d’Aumale.



Fancy embroidered chairs.


IIntimate little “cabinets”, with fancy chairs and paintings.


The flowered lady.


More glimmer…


DSC_0181 an

I loved this quaint music room in a sunny corner.


An “Oriental” themed paintings.


The restaurer’s brushes…


A restauration project.

I am sending  the link foe the “domaine de Chantilly” in English, please, if anyone is interested in visiting this beautiful site:


Have a great weekend and hoping to see you  on Sunday! We will post the drawing results on Sunday right after the drawing.


6 thoughts on “Le musée de Condé (le château de Chantilly)

  1. Lovely place with a very classical background. I love taking pictures of strangers in museums and other touristic places, just to capture the look of wonder on their faces.

    1. Hi Zhu,
      I like classical places because of several reasons. One is just the sheer pleasure of seeing beautiful objects & surroundings.
      People are very interesting in such places… Their wonder is often a pleasure to experience.

  2. OH my gosh…..I just opened the link and saw how HUGE and gorgeous and overwhelming it is! Well, overwhelming in a good sense…..you could spend the week plus and never see it all! WOW.
    I was feeling overwhelmed with the content of the first room you showed and the ornateness of the architecture–holy cow! What an amazing place.

    1. Hi Mel,
      Oh yes; a visitor would need more than a day to completely enjoy the expérience. I understand you; it is kind of trippy to be a rooom full of fine art everywhere! Where to look? So many beautiful things
      To experience.

      It is quite an experience for the price of a ticket.
      Have a nice weekend xo.

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