Look what was in my mailbox (no not the electronic kind), gifts from France #iphoneography #photography #happy #gifts

Hi friends,

One of my winners in our prize drawing (held 18 August), received his gifts today in New Jersey.
Yay and Congrats to Naveen and his lovely wife!!

You can kindly discover his reblogged post here. I have one last packet to mail to my third winner, Janet ( it’s going out today!), somewhere in the Midwest, USA. My second winner, Naomi, has been sent her packet. But, she also had been on vacation.

But, we all will get caught up. 🙂
If you can, stop and see Naveen’s work on his blog. He does it all on his iPhone. He has a lot of awesome photos. From the point of view of a black box person, it is all innovative and fun!

I am grateful to see new people come on board this blog. Experiencing other lives, places and ways of photographing the world. In the meanwhile, I am just taking life slowly. One day at a time. I have a photo outing in the works and day by day, I am just making it the best I can.

Thanks for stopping by. You made my day.

Be well and see you in my next post.


Captured With My Phone

While going up to my apartment I stopped by my mailbox, while I was turning the small key, there was a tingle of expectation as I was expecting a gift from France. As I opened my eye fell on a white package nestled in the middle, I knew it was the one.

I Picked up the package, rushed up to my apartment, as soon as I walked in my wife had her eyes wide open and a smile lit her face seeing what I had in my hand.

We then carefully opens up the package and were amazed by the lovely gifts…

Thanks a lot Bard and Didier (https://photodreamin.wordpress.com/) for sending this over, really appreciate the care which has gone in to picking these gifts and the time you took to pack and mail them over, they sure lit our faces and made our day.

Wishing you both…

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4 thoughts on “Look what was in my mailbox (no not the electronic kind), gifts from France #iphoneography #photography #happy #gifts

  1. You MAKE our day ! just been over to Naveen’s blog and left a comment too. I am having are relaxing morning and then off to Oxford to help a friend, Take care , be well and see you soon xoxo

    1. Hi there Anne,
      I wil be doing as we say in the US, giving you a “raincheck” for a big hug when we are in London.

      It has been fun choosing and giving away thèse little gifts. All three packages have gone to/ going to the US ( last year it was Denmark & the US).

      Be well and we will chat soon.

    1. Hi Mitzie,
      Thank you, my friend. It came from the heart. I really can’t say more than all the gifts have gone out to the lucky winners. I hope that they bring some joy and laughter to the recipiants.
      Sending you love also, down in sunny California!!

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