Walking towards the light

It’s nice to see you all :).

I am taking you on a sidetrip through the Louvre as I go on the quays to photograph something special. It was an outdoor photography expo. Free and open to all. A good enough excuse for me to get out twice, compose or recompose my subjects.

But for now, we go through this tunnel. Those who have been to the Louvre will recognize it. I haven’t been here in… ages. I loved the mix of dark and light here and the “peeking” of the architectural goodies.

This tunnel speaks to me on a personal level, as well as for Photography.


I may have been cooler staying here; it was darn hot today.

The pigeon enjoyed the water of the pyramid. I wish that I could say the same.


I will be back with more tomorrow.

Be well and enjoy your day.


10 thoughts on “Walking towards the light

  1. This tunnel is one of my favourite places in Paris. Not only the place is wonderful, but it’s an interesting game of hide and seek in shadows.

    1. Hi Zhu,
      It is great to see you. 🙂
      These are one of those very nice places in Paris where I might pass by;. But, I did stop this time and enjoyed the experience.

      Thanks for stopping by.

  2. Wow Barbara , love the tunnel photo ..excellent light and shapes ;-). I know Arni wants to go to the Louvre .. Hope he makes up his mind soon . I would go off and do other things and meet up with him, he likes to meander over pictures.

    I have got so used to the heat , amazing , and now it is cold , yep I say cold not cool LOL take care xoxo

    1. Hey there Anne,
      Thank you so much. It was a pleasure.
      Arni, treat yourself and your lady to a nice stay in Paris. The Louvre is FAB; get Paris visit cards and zip through that and other muséums.

  3. Here’s a good indicator–coulda SWORE I commented on the tunnel photo. LOL Apparently not!
    I liked the tunnel shot. I end up struggling with the extremes in light/dark situations–but sometimes it makes for a cool photo!
    Sometimes notsomuch…….

  4. No problem, Mel. I often have my ” I thought that I did this” moments.
    Twilight zone moments that are perfect for being in the tunnel!
    Light/Dark contrasts are challenges; I retweek speed/aperture and such a few times.
    A great exercise in light control :). And if we fall on our face, it’s OK. Tomorrow is another day.

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