Thanks for the java

I went to see a photo exposition that stretched along the quays across Orsay museum. A photographer named Reza did an enormous tribute to he men and women who produce the precious coffee beans.

This exposition is called in English ” The soul of coffee”. Because the coffee producers are indeed the soul of each cup. It took an tremendous effort to produce these beans.

Enjoy the tour:


The photographs were printed on a light fabric and stretched across frames that went across an entire quay. You will see how perfectly they married with the surroundings…

Introduction about the photographer in English. I was shooting around a tree for the first one; that explains the funny angle.



















These photographs were across the contemporary art museum named Orsay museum. You sit on the benches and look on the Seine, the boats & all on a bright summer day.


Just a quick tidbit about what ” PARIS- ORLEANS” is all about. A long time ago this was a railroad station with trains going to Orléans and other places. A beautiful conversion of a building.

Have a great day. I may only be back to post again after we get back from London ( 10 September). Be well and Thanks for stopping by.


13 thoughts on “Thanks for the java

  1. I think this is the same Reza who has worked for National Geographic for many years. I have no idea how’ve does it, but he seems to be able to capture some of the character of the people he photographs, so they’re not just static photos of strangers.

    1. Hi Peter,
      You have the answer. Indeed; the Reza of at Geo fame.
      I am also in awe of the emotional pull of these photos. The portraits sont of a beautiful sensitivity. I feel the essence of each person and you know that is the mark of a true artist.


    1. Hi Zhu,
      I am sure that you would have loved it. The portraits are exceptional. There is a strong feeling to each of them.
      Oh yes; you & Feng were in this part of the world. So,
      you have even a greater taste of this part of the world.

      Happy weekend to you & bises.

  2. Holy cow…… Amazing captures. And I hope he/she’s pleased with how the work translates on the fabric–cuz it’s amazing. I can bet the scale of it only served to make it more wonderful.
    I like the ones with the light/shadows from the trees–very cool.

  3. Hi Mel,
    Real masterpieces!! That’s what these were. Printed on almost sheer and fine material that let light in. It was an excellent choice. Hence the shadows poking through and making new photos.
    Take care :).

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