London calling…

London, we ** winked** at you coming and going.

Sorry we had to rush, love; but, we were invited to a wedding in a cute suburb town called Stoke Newington.

We were not alone in this adventure; we met our good friend Anne( author of Anne in Oxfordshire ) at St Pancras. We are both friends of the bride and were invited to the wedding.

Thank you again Anne for taking the time to meet is at St P’s. It was much appreciated  😉 Mwah!!

D Grabbed these shots on to way out to street level and going. He was ” the” photographer for the two days for both the sights and for the wedding. We had a short two days in town and one camera was plenty.

Merci D. Bises xox




The lovers statue.



D photographed the 73 bus coming and going; the very one that we needed to get to Stoke Newington.

Follow that bus!!

See you tomorrow for more.


10 thoughts on “London calling…

  1. I think at one point the The Lovers statue was a bit controversial for its size , but it is very apt!! It was my pleasure to meet you both at St Pancras , what friend wouldn’t , to take you to an area you do not know , (I have only been once LOL ) , but it worked out well for us .. and so great that we could spend so much time together before and after the wedding 🙂

    1. Welcome back, Anne!
      This is an eyeful of a statue and as for art, we all have different tastes. But as you so say, it is very fitting for a train station.
      We enjoyed immensly our time together. It worked out so well and we had fun in between.
      I think that we can go back next year and have more fun! xo

  2. Wow–I had no idea the scale of that statue until I got to see the size of the station itself. LOL And here I was thinking it was a little stop over along the way. NOTsomuch! Very cool photos D snagged.
    Was the bus arriving or leaving when he snapped the shot–and how fast did you have to run? 😉

    Lovely old brick next to the newness……and what a cool front with the arched windows and entry ways.

  3. Hi Mel,
    Thank you, hon.
    The statue is an eye catcher, to say the least. I had forgotten to mention that it represents the reunion of England and France, via the Eurostar. Because, having a means of locomotion to gap the English channel to the European continent is an old dream for many.

    As for the bus, we missed the closer one; a second came within about 10 minutes of its colleague so that was fine.

    Saint Pancras is a very lovely station. I really like it a lot!


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