Clissold park

Touring Clissold park the afternoon before the wedding was our way of preparing for the big wedding day. Anne, D & I all had traveled with our fancier clothes, shoes and gifts for the newlyweds. We are usally very casual when we travel so this was a first for any of our trips.
Clissold park is set on 54 acres of gardens, paths, lake and various sporting facilities. Not to forget the café and the venue inside that is rented for different events. We did enjoy our stroll through this pretty park.

Clissold park building.


Outdoor café and Clissold park building.


Clissold park with a ray of sunshine…




Have a seat.


Footbridge over a part of the lake.


My favorite of D’s shots of the garden; bicycles against a fence. This has a traditional feeling to it; we could have been in the 50’s or the 70’s if we wanted to. I think that it would look fab in black & white!

Have a wonderful Monday and be well.


10 thoughts on “Clissold park

    1. Hi Rowena,
      We enjoyed this park. A beautiful place just a half hour from the center of London. I would love to discover other London parks in the future! They are free and open green spaces!
      Aloha down to Italia :).

  1. Oh yes–that last shot takes the cake! What a keeper with the bicycles resting in the foreground. And what a walk. LOL I’da had to use that bench as an excuse to rest and grab some more shots.
    Lovely spot….and what a nice place for a bite to eat or a cuppa coffee. Lovely….quiet……peaceful…..and still green!

    1. Hey there Mel,
      Many Thanks to you, hon. D nailed it!
      You would have really enjoyed this walk. I can really see you when you healed and whole and loving London parks! You will get over there in the future.
      Love xox

    1. Jen,
      We remembered to bring “parapluies” and it did come in handy!! We were walking towards the ceremonyin the rain so the old Frech wedding phrase came to mind:

      “Mariage pluvieux, mariage heureux”
      (Note to everyone: A rainy wedding means a happy Wedding).

      You got a few raindrop blessings. xox

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