It is a pleasure to share important moments of life with friends.  Celebrations bring music to our soul and remind us of the simple and important things in life.

This ceremony took place in the venue at Clissold park.

Two black and whites:


I could still hear the gentle refrains of the quartet even once the moment was past.

The  music reminds us to sit, slow down and to be in the moment.


The voices of the bride and groom stirred up memories of my wedding and filled me with joy for them.

It was all very good.

10 thoughts on “Joy

    1. Hi Anne,
      It was indeed a joyous and grand moment.
      I believe that many things happen for a reason… we could pull the whole thread, and start with our blogs. But, there is also a bit of destiny behind it all.

  1. What lovely photos in black and white. And what a soothing, peaceful thing, that quartet–and that’s without the music. Gosh, what an honour to be asked to witness the ceremony. And what an honour that you went the distance to be present!

    1. Hi Mel,
      Thank you so much. I love more and more to use b&w. It adds lots of class to wedding photos.
      I was honored to sign as a witness for my girlfriend and to be there.
      I was feeling grateful.

      Take care, dear xox

    1. Hi Karin,
      I was very happy to share this beautiful interlude here and also offline.
      You have joy also, remembering our past together and the good times at the ghetto pad. Yes, we have a tight little group.

      Sending you love down to the Rockies.

    1. Hi Bijoux,
      Thanks very much. I think that b&w (or colorized b&w) is really a class act for wedding photos.
      This was a joyful event. We had people come from England & 3 other countries to share in the love.

      Cheers to you too, hon!

  2. Thanks for writing this post and taking those beautiful pictures. I also love black and white photography. For one thing, I feel that it is often better for portrait photography (and wedding photography) since it is very flattering!

    I’m so glad that we chose to hire a string quartet…I think it made the whole experience more meaningful and special. I was really happy with the music and also the flowers. And I’m really happy that we discovered that Clissold House hosts weddings! I only found that out by doing a Google search!

    Thanks to you and D for coming to our special day!
    Jen xxx

  3. Hi Jen,
    It was a big pleasure for everything. I am here like on FB, doing things discreetly and the back shot was PERFECTO… D enjoyed taking them and I remind him gently to get the photos burned on dvd…
    The music added a “3rd dimension”. I had starting appreciating it even before we entered. So beautiful as well as the flower bouquets that add so much grace.
    How brilliant is Google when you are looking for things?! Wonderful!!

    You did so well, Mr & Mrs M!! Carry on and be happy xoxo

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