A cozy corner of Stoke Newington

My sincere Thank you goes  to Helen for giving me permission to post photos of her beautiful house. She was our hostess during our stay in Stoke Newington. D & I enjoyed meeting Helen as well as her companion and 7 year old son.

Helen and her lovely family rent their guest room to visitors from around the world on the website named  airbnb.

A close friend of mine in France gave me the idea to try this website( I had never been here before). Finally, our friend ( and fellow wedding invitee), Anne, found this house in the area of our wedding.

Helen is by trade, a lighting and textile designer. She has a very keen interest in colours and fabrics. It really shows in her house and of course, the guest room.

Here are a few views of her guest room and the kitchen:


General view of the room.


A ” loft’s view” of the town below.


Cushions on the bed.

Helen said that the embroidered cushion was designed by a fellow classmate & friend, Rachael Howard. Helen and Rachel attended the RCA together (Royal College of Art).


A bit of Paris among pretty objects.


Old school maps (en Français dans le texte) along the stairway.


Looking pretty in the guest bedroom.


In the kitchen…





If you are coming to London and want a place to stay that is outside the bustle of central London yet, still within an easy commuting distance ( one half hour by the red bus lines), come and see Helen’s profile (and more photos) onher airbnb profile:


Cheers to you, Helen and family!

Hoping to see you all soon, friends.

Be well and happy weekend to all!

13 thoughts on “A cozy corner of Stoke Newington

    1. Hi Bijoux,
      Sometimes, the différences are obvious (architectural style), other times they are more subtile as the types of door knobs or how Windows are decorated.Even just in the USA, styles vary radically!

    1. Konichiwa Cocomino,
      I really enjoyed this first experience with airbnb. I am sure that there will be other experiences through this website. Wow; you are a good traveler! I have never been to Finland; I have been once to the Netherlands and to Germany but a very long time ago.

      Have an excellent weekend.

  1. Barbara thanks for such great info and photos. I’ll defiinitely keep this in mind as I still have London on my bucket list. One question (and I know this might sound a bit strange) – how comfortable were the beds? Mattress support has now become an issue for us since my husband has back problems, and places with too soft beds really takes a lot away from a perfect vacation.

    1. Hi Rowena,
      You are very welcome! I didn’t know about airbnb either and it has given D&I new possibilities for lodging.
      I found the bed comfrtable but maybe my point of view is not the same for someone with back pain. I did not find the matress overly soft… though if you mention it with a room’s owner, I am sure that they will be helpful.

      Aloha 😉

    1. Hi Jocelyn,
      D & I so enjoyed this loft room. Cozy, happy and “chic” are three adjectives that come to mind. Our hosts were charming and helpful, which makes all the difference.


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