Arigato / Thank you

Hello friends,

Thank you for taking the time to come and read my blog. Especially since I have been out more than in. I am more than sure that you noticed.

I do accept that there are moments like that and it is fine. But, what is new is that life outside computers and blogs has reduced my online activity.  At the present moment, I go and read/ comment friend’s blogs more than I take care of mine.

Life is pushing me on to new paths .

I am striking out in new ways, doing different types of activities and meeting some people of of different ages and backgrounds. Back into the flow of direct life…

I have started a language class in mid-September. I had for the past years been wanting to return to the Japanese language. This is a return to half of my roots because I am a daughter of a Japanese born Mom. I have heard Japanese almost everyday of my youth and until I left home. But, I  left it for French in high school.

Now, I am starting over in Japanese… Hai !! ( Yes, in Japanese).

And as of this past September, it is now started.  I will be doing this until before the Xmas holidays. I just gave myself a short three-month course to begin.  A three-month period is already pretty good. Especially since it has since ages since I was in a classroom.

I have just put Photography “on hold”, as I paid for my text-book yesterday.  Now that we have a book, I will be cracking the book and learning it very well, both oral & written Japanese.

I have a few ideas for Photography after my class… I still have places around Paris that I would love to see. And,  practice more techniques….I think that we never stop learning throughout life.

I am not abandoning Photography. I am just allowing other activities to be the priority for a time.

So, a sincere Thank you to all who follow, read and or comment on this blog. You are always welcome here.

To seal  the pact with Japan, I am putting again the previously published photo of this beautiful lady who we saw at the 2013 Paris tourist  fair:


Hoping to see you.



12 thoughts on “Arigato / Thank you

  1. Hi Barb! Learning a foreign language is fantastic, but re-learning a language from your youth sounds fascinating to me. Are you finding it easy to pick up again? Are you remembering a lot of words? Best wishes to you on this adventure.

    1. Hey the Bijoux,
      It´s nice to see you. Yes, this is a time to renew,learn and generate. I am all for it…
      I have been increasingly retirning to Japanese culture since the past years. It will be good for me.
      It is challenging…. I remember “odes and ends” and none of the structure so, we will work put the kinks.
      Hoping to see you at your blog ( I have you on my Wp reader).
      Take care & God bless.

  2. Hi Barbara ,, You are awesome , doing so well , getting out and about and re-learning Japanese ,, a big well done. I still have to face the challenge of trying to talk to someone on the link you sent me ,, I will try. Sending you a HUGE hug ,, my dear friend .. Miss you and hopefully will be back soon , if not this year I will definitely be back to see YOU and PARIS next year ,, love to you and Didier .xoxo

    1. Hi Anne,
      Thank you for your encouragement. xox
      I tell you, make one change in your life and you will start to change in you. I have felt subtile and strong currents since I am with this. I is like a spinning top that is moving and touching areas of me as it whirls; motivation,confidence,initiation,etc.

      I am enjoying the ride :). Take care. xoxo

  3. This is so cool! I can read kanji (because they are borrowed from Chinese characters) and I toyed with the idea of studying Japanese for a while when I was a student at Langues’O. Where do you take classes?

    1. Salut Zhu,
      It has been so long since I was in a class but, hey, it has been good! I figures that you can read the characters. I am working on Hiragana at the same time as the book and it is slow but steady…
      I go to République to learn every Saturday morning. What a difference from 15 years old…. Now I want to learn it! Bises.

  4. Oh I can’t imagine…it would be like asking me to speak and write in Hebrew…and that ain’t happening. I grew up around it, recognize some of the spoken word, rarely know the written word, and I think I’d cry at how little I’d retained. And I took German in high school/college…pretty sure everything I knew is pretty much gone. Pretty courageous of you to just DO it. Good for you. Truly…proud for you for chasing some new and old things. Stay willing to stretch and grow…that’s what they tell me! I’ve considered online learning and still might venture there. Not today! LOL. I think I have enough on my plate as is. I’ m really excited for you….you GO girl!!

    1. Hi Mel,
      Thanks for stopping by!
      Ah, I see that you also have a language in your family tradition. When it’s like that,you grow up hearing a second language at home and understanding some of it to different degrees. Wow; Hebrew’ We can Learn at any age but it does come so effortlessly as a child. I am playing ” catch ” but am enjoying. I actually study during the week!!
      See you soon & take care. xox

  5. Hi Barbara, it’s always good to learn another language. I took up Japanese very briefly years ago because I wanted to know what the handsome Japanese actors were saying in Japanese dramas. LOL

    1. Hi,
      Thanks for coming to my blog.
      Oh, I see that you were very motivated to understand Japanese :). I am motivated to be able to speak some Japanese and perhaps one day visit the country. It is a very interesting language.
      Happy Sunday to you!

    2. Hi,

      I am sorry for the late response. I have not been coming very often to blogs. I am enjoying Japanese. It has it’s challenges but I will make it, i am finding Hiragana a huge challenge but I am motivated because I love drawing the characters! It is very relaxing to do.
      I enjoyed Japanese film and TV series a long time ago. There are some very handsome m’en 🙂
      I hope to see you here another time. I will be picking up blogging gradually as my Japanese class ends in mid December.


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