4 years ago, this blog was born

Dear friends,

I had not intended to do a post today. I came to wordpress this morning for one thing and I dropped everything smiling…

it is Photodreamin’s Forth Blog anniversary! A very beautiful chance to put into motion what is called ” the attitude of gratitude”.

I am very grateful for this blog, the friends who I met and the chances to photograph and share my favorite moments with you all.

Thanks to many people who came in the past, in the present and  to the future friends. There are also a few old friends who have traveled my path since 2009.

I will confess that I have not taken a single photo in weeks. Though,Photography is still in my brain and I will return with joy behind the Nikon. I am enjoying doing other things…. I think that I needed to open the door to new experiences.

My brain  has been concentrating on such  matters as telling time in Japanese or meeting new friends. I have been getting out and enjoying it.

I am celebrating my 4 years of blogging by giving you the gift of a poem. It is a poem that celebrates active changes. Of finally taking time for oneself and in the process, creating a new life one day at a time.


It is your turn now


It is your turn now,


you waited, you were patient.


The time has come,


for us to polish you.


We will transform your inner pearl


into a house of fire.


You’re a gold mine.


Did you know that,


hidden in the dirt of the earth?


It is your turn now,


to be placed in fire.


Let us  cremate your  impurities.

– Rumi .

Enjoy your days and be happy.




14 thoughts on “4 years ago, this blog was born

    1. Merci chère Bijoux! I will see you around too. I believe that I can do it. In may have needed a break for perspective and some “fresh air”. But, my motivation is picking up.

      2014, here I come.
      Wishing you all the best.

  1. Wow Barbara a special Blogiversary hug , well done , you certainly have kept us glued to your blog with all your superb photography ,, big hugs , xoxo Anne

    1. Thank you my dear. I felt the hug all the way from OX. xoxo
      It has been one incredible experience. I am happy if I could make some happy spectators with the photos here. It is now a period of introspection, change and moving out. Exciting! We have crosses paths first on a common friend’s blog and then came together in real life. What would Paris be without friends?
      Love to you xox

  2. Happy blog anniversary! Time goes by fast… four years, already, that’s actually a good run for a blog! I hope to see you around sometime 🙂

    1. Thank you dear Zhu. You were there at the start. Look at the changes since 4 years! I creating with manual mode and you creating… a baby!
      See you around and take care of yourself & your family.

    1. Hi Cocomino,
      Domo arigato gozaimasu. Thank you so much.
      It has been an interesting 4 years. I am looking ahead to the future.
      Time to say ” Kampai “/ Cheers with a beer or a glass of juice.

      So, Kampai!!

  3. Happy anniversary to the web log! Isn’t it fun? Seriously. I’m still amazed at the connectedness of people through the written word. Online or off. It’s been happening wayyyyyyyy longer than the internet. But boy, this sure gives birth to a whole array of experiences and kinships. It’s truly been an amazing adventure.

    Telling time in Japanese? Sometimes I can’t tell time in my own language. LOL
    Good for you, Barb! I’m glad the out and about and inviting new people into your life is happening. That’s a super cool thing.

    4 years…. That’s a lot of lifetime shared in black and white. You just keep doing what makes sense to you, what brings you joy.
    And thank you for sharing Rumi’s bit. It’s beautiful……..

    1. Hi Mel,
      Thank you so much! Mwah!!
      It has been a grand experience. I can’t believe that 4 years are past, too! It makes me want to brainstorn for 2014 how I want to mark the 5 year point. I don’t know now. The 4 year mark…Just like offline. I have done different things with many different people. Some of these people have left, some still continue to come back. That is the ebb and flow of making friends.

      My Japanese language study is coming along, growing pains & all. Hey, how many people do you know go mumbling every time to practice telling time everytime she sees a clock? 🙂 I just may continue studying Japanese in 2014 but in a non classroom setting ( I still must think…).
      It has been a pleasure becoming friends with you. Come on in anytime and keep on moving forward one step at a time.

    1. Hi,
      Thank you very much! You are very welcome at this blog.
      I am slowly coming back to blogging and am currently taking a pause. I will be back and I will come to your blog with pleasure.

      Happy weekend!

    1. Hi Michael & Larissa,

      Thank you!! I hope that you are well and enjoying life. I am taking new road in my life and enjoying it.
      Happy travels to you both.


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