Monochromatic moments in France

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Monochromatic.”

I did not start out as a black and white photo lover. I was always interested in color photography but not as much in b&w photography. When did I get bitten by a black and white photo bug?? I think it was since I have started ” Photo dreamin”. I have come across a lot of excellent b&w photography. Somewhere along the line, I got the urge to experiment b&w. I love when I can make an image pop with selective coloring.

Here are two of my favorite selective color monochrome photos. These are black and white photos with splashes of color and loads of texture!

This is called ” The secret cove.” Taken at La pointe Saint Mathieu, in Brittany, France.

secret cove- BIG

It has a lot of texture and an odd “optical illusion” ( I was looking down and also looking up at the cliffs at the same time).

The second monochrome is called Yellow train :

DSC_0891-004 - BIG

Taken at a Parisian train station.

If you have a poetic heart, come and check out my next post You are also welcome to pop in and browse through my travel-inspired photography.

See you soon!


9 thoughts on “Monochromatic moments in France

  1. Interesting choice of subjects, boats and trains, your ancestors life’s work. You have added a touch of Barbara, with the awakening of bold color. Love it !

  2. Hi Rita,
    Thank you very much, my dear. You picked up on the ancestral link. I love selective coloring on b&w. It’s the “Ka-Pow!”effect !! Take care, my friend. X

  3. Thanks Anne,
    Selective coloring on b&w photos is a very exciting technique. For me, it depends on the photo. All of this is with photo editing and can be learned. So far, I do it by feeling. :).

      1. Hi Anne,
        How are you doing? Yes, so right; the color is a focal point in this type of b&w photo.
        I have sometimes had a hard time finding a focal point to color. It is sometimes easy to find, sometimes not.
        I hope that you are well and active.
        Take good care.

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