Linky love

I could use some ” linky love” right now…

As you may ( or may not) have read on my post named  “my return”, I am getting this blog revved up once more after a hiatus. Participating in the WP weekly photo challenge is a fun way for me to explore photography and the people behind it. Thanks to all who have come to my blog recently.

If you liked what you are reading and seeing on this blog, link on to this post by commenting.
I will be delighted to visit your blog. That’s all it is… no strings attached.

One by one, we can all enjoy photos, posts, humor and just enjoy.


How about these little sting rays? They were seen at the ‘aquarium de Brest’, in Brittany, France. They were side by side and bouncing up and down in the tank!  Were they getting some oxygen or having fun together? It looked like enjoyment to me. We could a lot from the animal kingdom.



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