You are more prosperous than you think!

Here’s some food for thought today:

DSC_0376 (2)

“Begin to recognize prosperity everywhere and rejoyce in it”.
Louise L. Hay.

This is a photo that I took in my garden a few summers back. I love putting quotes on photos. The bee is enjoying the its new-found prosperity in a Hibiscus flower!

I used to equate prosperity with wealth and money… I would say things like  ” This person is rich because she has a big shiny SUV” or “That man is wealthy because he just pulled out a huge wad of bills to pay the dry cleaner!” ( I saw this happen one day! ).
We can make the conclusion based on the money or things that people have. So, these two people have, they have prosperity.


But, you are much more prosperous than you may think. Look again; prosperity is right in your reach!!

You are alive. You have the capacity to create anything if you truly you believe it. So, you are prosperous.

You can breathe, walk, see, hear and do much  more. You don’t have to program any body function. Your body does everything,  24/7. So, you are prosperous.

Your health is good, So, you are prosperous.

If you have health challenges, you find will find qualified people to help you heal, renew and rejuvinate yourself. Then, you can touch again your health prosperity.


You may have a job and you you earn money for your work (even if you think that your salary could be higher). So, you are prosperous.

You have the capacity to earn more money through your efforts( these efforts include your thoughts, your desires and your activity to create more money).

You have something to eat every day. So, you are prosperous.

DSC_0310 (2):

You have friends, perhaps a significant other and  most likely, a family . So, you are prosperous.

You have simple pleasures of life. So once again,  you are prosperous.

We each have  many reasons to be grateful everyday. This can include money and things. But, it also goes much beyond that….

Prosperity includes all the good things in life.

Louise L.Hay’s books are excellent. They help you to learn to love yourself, love your body and to think about the connection to mind-body. The following book is a classic:

téléchargement (1)

Have a very good day and be well!

4 thoughts on “You are more prosperous than you think!

  1. Hi Barbara. No matter what we have going on in our lives. .WE certainly are prosperous. We can see, hear see and feel ..and WE have fabulous friends for support. Xox

    1. Hi Anne,
      It is always so nice to see you here! Yes, you got the idea! No machine could replace all our bodily functions. The human body is a miracle! Friends are miracles too and it is normal to support and love each other.

      Sending you big hugs xox

  2. Hi Rita,
    I hope that things are going well for you, honey.
    Thank you very much. I believe that this pist was a “special order'” from the Big boss. I had been inspired to do this I very little time ( in one morning).

    It was my pleasure.
    Take care and chat with you soon.

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