I will survive it all- thoughts by an US citizen in France

On November 13, 2015, Paris, my big neighbor and old friend, was brutally attacked. As many of my French neighbors and friends, I have been shocked and overwhelmed by the horror of it all.
I have never blogged about current events or politics on this blog. I am an artist with a black box. But, the events have given me need to speak out.

I write this blog from France, but I am not French. I am an US citizen who has lived in France for the past twenty-five years. I have lived a part of my life here and have made many friends. In consequence, I have been touched as severely as the French.

How any person,group or ideology could do be motivated to kill in the name of “God” is beyond me. The innocent people who died were doing nothing more than enjoying themselves on a Friday evening… going to a concert, a soccer game or having a meal at a restaurant.

My shock and indignation have not worn off…

It is now Sunday night. Tomorrow afternoon, I will go back to work on the suburban train lines. Like thousands of my neighbors. Life must go on. They won’t stop us. I give gratitude for all the police and armed forces who are out in public to protect all of us.

I lived both the horror of 9-11 as an US citizen suffering from afar, as I saw my homeland attacked. I have now lived an attack in my adopted country a few miles from my home.

But, I will survive. I will continue to work, photograph, love and enjoy life.

It is time to dig in deep, pray, be strong and help each other. The photo below was taken a few years back in Paris’ Notre Dame cathedral. This photo is one of my favorites. I share it with you all.

Be the light-BIG

I hope to be sharing more photos soon. Thank God for my black box. It is a peaceful and beautiful haven of peace, joy and creation.

Take care, be safe and God bless.


8 thoughts on “I will survive it all- thoughts by an US citizen in France

  1. After the horror and sadness of Paris, thank you for sharing your beautiful photo. We pray for the people of France and the world.
    Be safe, dear friends.

    1. Hi Rita,
      It is nice to read your comment. Thank you, Merci for your kind thoughts. If I could only reach across and grab a hug… or two!!
      We will take care. You and D, too, stay safe.

  2. Barb, what a beautiful photograph and perfect for this post.

    “It is time to dig in deep, pray, be strong and help each other.”

    You are so right, because these attacks seem to be happening all over the world; therefore it’s important for us to help each other. Please know that my thoughts, prayers and love are not only with you and D, but to all the people France as well.

    “How any person, group or ideology could do be motivated to kill in the name of “God” is beyond me.”

    Yes, I totally agree with you.

    You take care, my friend. And be safe.


    1. Hi Ron,
      Welcome back. I am always happy to welcome you here. My heart is warmed by your kindness.France is perhaps the oldest ally of the USA. General Lafayette helped General Washington in the quest to win freedom.
      Now, it is alll together another battle.
      You stay safe, too.
      Big hugs,

  3. Thank you, Ron! The lotus is a beautiful flower for me. But it also teaches a lesson. The lotus has the serenity to bloom while living in muddy and dark waters. That’s quite a symbol.

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