Weekly photo challenge- Transition

This week’s weekly photo challenge is about Transition.

I am doing my transition out of a spare room. This room is helping me to cope in a complicated marital situation. It has helped me to put some space between my husband and I.

Between the white walls of this room, I sleep, relax, read and breathe. Between its walls, I also pray. Other times, I talk to girlfriends or just quietly surf the net in front of the PC.

I have a matress here. It has warm and cozy things on it… a thick blue and white comforter, two Hawaiian quilt pillows  and a fuzzy old blue blanket. I will often sit or lie here with books in my spare time. My current read is called   ” Jump.. and your life will appear!”  by Nancy Levin.

This is my current place of transition. Until I can move on…



7 thoughts on “Weekly photo challenge- Transition

  1. HI My dear friend ..Brave move on this post. I know what you are going through. Big hugs hunny. Will speak to you next week. Love anne. Xx

    1. Hi Anne,
      Thank you for your kind comment.
      I’m always do happy to see you here.
      Yes, it is brave to talk about life challenges. It’s a brave new world !!

      Each blogger had to ask him or herself to what extent sharing and honesty is “bloggable.The theme of transitions really rang à loud bell… I think that if I let this theme go by with a minor mention, I would have missed a chance for growth…
      Sending you much love… Let’s chat soon.

  2. Dear Barabara,

    Hoping you get through your chanllenges with some peace… I know what hard times are about. Our family just lost a beloved member (my aunt) to a hit and run driver in Oct. Life is full of hardships, but I believe that having faith does help.. thinking of you and sending prayers… Leesa

    1. Hi Leesa,
      It is very nice to hear from you. Thank you for your kind words. My profound sympathy goes out to you. I am sorry to hear about your Aunt’s tragic accident.2015 is a year for transitions; I lost my mother in May. There are times like these, to reflect, grow and build on.
      Bless you, Leesa. Please take care. xox

      1. Thank you very much, Barbara. I am very sorry to hear about your Mom, too.. I know that you were a very supportive friend here in France after having lost my Mom and I greatly appreciated all of your support. I hope you are doing okay and that your hard times are passing… Hugs, Leese Take care, too.

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