Cee’s black and white photo challenge: Any kind of camera or photographers

We all know it; photographers love to take photos but sometimes don’t want to be in the photograph. Ha!! I know that one very well. Because I rarely have photos taken of myself when I travel. Or else, I do selfies with my camera phone because it’s so easy ( despite the neck gymnastics to ensure  that… Continue reading Cee’s black and white photo challenge: Any kind of camera or photographers

Daily post photo challenge- Boundaries in a Parisian suburb city

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Boundaries.”

I took a leisurely Saturday afternoon to do this week’s photo challenge. I found a few examples of boundaries in my town. I live in a Parisian suburb city named Sceaux          (located about 10 km from Paris).

Many of the city’s inhabitants commute via the suburban train lines to work. Boundaries separate the little train station from the foot bridge near the station.


Near the adjacent streets, huge green fences mark the boundaries between the street and the rails.


In town, this retirement home is an extreme example of boundaries on buildings. There are railings galore for the safety and protection of its residents.


Finally, nature can also be put in man made boundaries… or make its own boundaries.


Man made boundary in a small park.


The natural boundary between the summer flowers and the grass…


Finally, Autumn hues on vegetation that is growing  on the fence of a neighboring building. Nature uses man made items to make its own boundaries.


Check out more photos at the  Daily post photo challenge .


Cee’s black and white photo challenge- Backs of things

I am very happy to participate for the first time in Cee’s photo challenge! I have been to Cee’s photography website in the past. But, this time, I am taking challenge to concentrate on ; the black and white photo challenge: Introducing a mighty member of the animal kingdom: A huge backside and belly of a… Continue reading Cee’s black and white photo challenge- Backs of things

Daily post weekly photo challenge- Change and contrasts in Hawaii

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Change.”

These photos come from my 2014 trip to Honolulu, Hawaii. Change has never stopped coming in Hawaii. Honolulu is a very modern city but visitors can  also see some reminders of the past.Here are a couple of photos that show historical contrasts in or near the financial district of downtown Honolulu:

Our lady of Peace Cathedral Basilica is like a “bridge” between the 19th century and 21st centuries( it was founded in 1843). The cathedral is between 20th century skyscrapers.


Inside the cathedral, one of the stained glass windows also shows a change of eras and traditions…


An American vessel greets a Hawaiian outrigger canoe. Below, a dove ushers in the changes to be with a symbolic olive leaf branch. If you click on the photo, you can also see Honolulu, with its homes and buildings. The city has of course, changed radically through the centuries.


Finally, another image of change… the statue of King Kamehamea the first ( unifier of the Hawaiian islands) is amist modern skycrapers.


Weekly photo challenge: Grid

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Grid.”


This is an “oldie but goodie”… a photo snapped in Charles De Gaulle airport, Paris. Airport windows are often grid-like . These grids can make interesting shots… I just snapped the stranger who was gazing at the tarmac.

It goes to show you that when you have a couple of hours of waiting in any place, you can sit down and look at your surroundings and the people there. You might be able to pick up some interesting photos.

Happy photo challenge to everyone! 🙂