Cee’s black and white photo challenge- anything that flies

Hello everyone, I am jumping back into Cee’s black&white photo challenge. It’s always lots of fun to participate and to share. The theme of “anything that flies” made me think of the funny plane that I saw this year at saw at Lindberg field, San Diego. I was just sitting in a PDX (Portland) bound… Continue reading Cee’s black and white photo challenge- anything that flies

Weekly photo challenge: Up

Here we are looking up, under the dome of the botanical building at gorgeous Balboa Park in San Diego.  Some of my friends may remember this photo. It dated from my trip to San Diego in November 2011. My brain went “tilt”, when I saw the height,architecture and the climbing plants. It was a very… Continue reading Weekly photo challenge: Up

Goodbye, dear San Diego

All good things do come to an end. Vacations are never an exception to this rule. This trip to San Diego was wonderful and I was at a loss to know how to end the theme. Under the innocent airs of Margueritas, outings and our continuous merriment, it was all about good vibes. I do belong to my… Continue reading Goodbye, dear San Diego

Mission basilica San Diego de Alcala

This was the first of 21 missions that were established throughout California by Spain in the 18th century. The foundation of these quaint white churches were attempts to not only colonize what was then known as “alta California” or upper California, but also to Christianize the  native Indian population. A Franciscan friar named Junipero Serra founded San Diego de Alcala on… Continue reading Mission basilica San Diego de Alcala

Bright and beautiful

Just a few free shots around cousin Bill & Jo’s home: The upper part of a hummingbird mobile. My hubby & I so fondly remember seeing the hummingbirds come and feed in the garden. How sweet they were   🙂 . Introducing the girls, my cousin’s pet chickens (and official suppliers of fresh egg products). The neighbor’s oranges peeking through… Continue reading Bright and beautiful

Rocking and rolling up to Mount Helix

How could I not remember my expedition up to Mount Helix? Alongside Cousins Patti(Cali girl turned Minnesotan) and Kathy, bopping to rock music all the while zigging and zagging up the top of a mountain peak. Live wires, aren’t we? 🙂 Here is three different views from on top of the peak: Looking across to another mountain peak… Continue reading Rocking and rolling up to Mount Helix