A cozy corner of Stoke Newington

My sincere Thank you goes  to Helen for giving me permission to post photos of her beautiful house. She was our hostess during our stay in Stoke Newington. D & I enjoyed meeting Helen as well as her companion and 7 year old son. Helen and her lovely family rent their guest room to visitors… Continue reading A cozy corner of Stoke Newington

Getting to know Stoke Newington

D ( my hubby) has been the photographer for the greater part of this short trip. Merci encore, D! The number 73 bus took us out of the bustle of London and dropped us off on Church street, in the London suburb of Stoke Newington. We came to this part of London to be  close… Continue reading Getting to know Stoke Newington

A delightful garden

These pictures were taken behind the Quad( previous post). This was such a gorgeous garden and I just want to let you all quietly enjoy the beauty Happy weekend to all, near and far. **P.S.** : Thank you to a frequent reader(sulty??) whose comment ended up by mistake in my spam box.You commented on Oxford… Continue reading A delightful garden